Apr 29, 2014

You Know You Love Your Cat When...

Do you ever catch yourself doing something for your kitty and just stop and think, "Man, this is love." Even just the littlest thing?

Last night I had one of those moments. Pimp had decided he was done with his dinner, and I disagreed. As far as I was concerned, he had barely touched it (he likes to just lick the surface of his wet food... "bite" isn't really in his vocabulary, so he never actually takes a decent bite), so I decided to feed him.

Yes, feed him.

That brown belly needed feeding! 
I know he always likes his treats better out of my hand than from the floor, so I tried the same tactic with his wet food. I scooped up a small clump of a bite and offered it to him in my hand, palm up with the food near the tips of my fingers. And he dove in!

I'm not sure if it was the "bite"-sized piece or the fact that I was feeding it to him like that, but I've never seen that boy lick faster or eat that enthusiastically in a long time. So after about 10 licks when that clump was done, I grabbed another bit and did the same. And again and again.

With each bit, it seemed like he was getting happier and happier about it. My hand was absolutely plastered with smooshed down, licked over mushy cat food, but I felt like I was getting happier with every bit he ate too.

Man, this is love.

An old picture of me hand-feeding Pimp a catnip cookie. He loves to be babied. 
Together we managed to finish off a half a plate of food like that -- way more than he would have ever eaten on his own. It's not that he doesn't eat, it's just that Moo and Phantom end up cleaning up his leftovers before he gets the urge to walk over for seconds. Pimp likes to take his time with his food, a practice that doesn't really bode will in a house of piggies.

Now that I know how much he'll eat if we do it like that, and how much he likes it, you can bet I'll have a hand full of wet food way more often. Who wouldn't? It's just what we do for love.

I'm not sure why that was such a moment for me, but I wanted to share it with you all. I'm glad I shared it with Pimp! Pimp is almost 15 years old and my biggest worry is that he's almost 15 years old. Whatever he wants, however he wants it, he can have.

Do you have moments like this? What kinds of things do you do for your cats for love?

Man, I love this cat.
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