Dec 29, 2012

Henri the Cat Had a Miserable Holiday (Surprise, Surprise)

Henri the existential cat lives such a hard life. He is surrounded by other cats (who are all idiots, according to him) and people who just don't appreciate his importance or greatness... or whatever it is he feels unappreciated about.

All everyone does is interrupt his quiet, privileged life. And the holidays were apparently even worse. Poor Henri...

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Dec 28, 2012

Kitten Drags Her Toy Into Her Secret Hiding Place

Tifa has a teddy bear that is just as big as she is, and she has to keep it hidden away and safe from everyone else!

It's very urgent, so she must work quickly. You'll see. Once she secures the teddy, she's off in a flash and she and her teddy are in their hiding space in a matter of seconds!

BONUS CUTE: Here's a kitten cuddling a teddy bear.

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Dec 27, 2012

Sweet Old Dog and Little Boy are Best Friends

Watson and his best friend are taking a stroll down a dirt path, when they come across a puddle. A puddle! This must be further inspected.

So the boy gently puts Watson's leash down and Watson stands by like a good doggie as the boy takes a closer look and a second splash through. And a third. And a fourth. And possibly a couple more, until he's satisfied.

And then they carry on about their walk.

NOTE FROM CUTE: Two more kitties are getting out of animal control today thanks to Cutehead Jenny S. and her rescue, Orphan Animal Rescue and Sanctuary in Wisconsin! Cody and Bingley just finished getting neutered and vetted and will go hang out with a foster mom until we figure out their transport (with the other gray kittens I told you about the other day!).

That's six kittens saved in the past week. Wheeee!

Cody is SAFE! (And he needs a ride to Wisconsin.)
Bingley is SAFE, too! (You all know how much I love black kitties!)

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Dec 26, 2012

Meet Cosgrove, a Kitten Born Without Eyes

Cosgrove is an adorable little kitten who plays and eats and jumps and loves just like any other baby... Except that he was born without any eyes.

Animals are amazing, and they don't let these little things bother them. Cosgrove is just cute as any kitten can be! (Your heart will melt when you see him strut with his head all up around at about 1:30 in the video.)

This pretty boy was dumped as a stray at a shelter, and they pitched in to get him the surgery he needed to close up his eyes so he stays healthy. Now he's on the mend, and no doubt off to a wonderful and fabulous life!

P.S. Cosgrove reminds me a lot of Oskar the blind kitten. What do you all think?

P.P.S. Speaking of cats who need homes, senior sisters Sera and Chloe still need a home! They can go separate if that works out better. They lived together before being surrendered at the shelter by me, but are not cuddle buddies. Please visit the post I wrote about them and spread the word!

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Dec 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, Cuteheads!

Merry Christmas, Cuteheads! Pimp and Moo had a major photo shoot last night (I had an extra outfit for each of them I forgot to use for last week!) and they can't wait to share their silly pictures with you.

As usual, they do no disappoint. And they were actually very good about it!

Santa and his reindeer!

Ho ho ho. I got your Merry Christmas right here.

Pink noses are the new red.

Who says Christmas sweaters have to be ugly?!

My spots are covered up by candy cane stripes! 
P.S. Did you enter our Fancy Feast and Your Daily Cute tote bag giveaway yet? If not, head on over there now! Today is the last day to enter!

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Dec 24, 2012

Win a Super-Limited, Collectible Your Daily Cute and Fancy Feast Tote!

With Christmas being tomorrow and all, I have some presents for you all! Fancy Feast has made a super-limited, collectible tote with Your Daily Cute's logo on one side and the Fancy Feast kitten on the other -- and I have 20 to give away!

They are super cute and they only made 21 of them (one for me, 20 for you!). I might be a little biased, but I think everyone needs one!

One side. (Hey, that's a cute logo!)

The other side. (The Fancy Feast kitten!)

Here's all the details:

Take it outside. Our rugged beach tote is the perfect bag for trips to the surf, soccer game or picnic. Roomy, it features side panels for extra support and an inside lining for water resistance and simple cleaning. With durable straps (and pockets on the outside and inside), it's the only bag you'll need for that fun-filled day trip.

- 100% cotton (14 oz.) canvas
- Dimensions: 12" x 16" x 5¾"
- Outside pocket with Velcro® closure
- Inside pocket with flap

PLUS, it has the Your Daily Cute logo on it! What more could anyone want for Christmas? :)


To enter to win, simply fill out this form below. I need your address so we can ship it to you if you win, but I promise that's all it's for. We just need to know quickly and figured it would be easier to collect that with entries than asking for them later during all the holiday hustle-and-bustle.

There are 20 of these we will give away. All entries must be received by Wednesday, December 26. Winners will be chosen on Thursday, December 27 and notified by email.

Good luck, Cuteheads!

P.S. Come back tomorrow... Pimp and Moo are going to be modeling their finest holiday costumes and clothing!


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Dec 23, 2012

Brave Tiny Kitten vs Big Cat

If you ask me, this kitten isn't really "brave"... He just has no manners!

He is not sure if what to make of his big brother, and his big brother is extra not sure what to make of this little cow-spotted furball that keep trying to approach him.

A lot of nerve that tiny thing has!

P.S. We're going to have a great giveaway tomorrow that I think a lot of you will like! So be sure to come by. It's only for one day!

P.P.S. Guess what I did yesterday? I busted four kittens out of animal control! One is going to Cutehead Roberta S. in Georgia and the others are going to a rescue in Wisconsin... with a few others kittens also! We'll be working on transport soon... So keep an eye out!

These babies are SAFE!
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