Sep 17, 2011

Wacky Walking Cat

You know the silly side-walk cats do? The side hop, the crab walk, the zombie lurch... Whatever you call it, it's cute and often unexpected.

Sometimes it's the littlest things (or nothing at all!) that makes them poof up and do it. This kitty takes it to a new level, though -- she's only walking on her two back feet! The perfect zombie move!

Sep 16, 2011

Little Girl Hugs Her Kitten for the First Time

Olivia is an adorable little one-year-old hugging her new kitten, Lily, for the first time. So sweet! All she wants to do is hug her and never, ever let her go.

I know little kids and kittens sometimes don't mix, but I absolutely love how great Olivia's parents are in making sure she knows that's a "real baby" and showing her how to hold Lily just right. And she is listening and doing is so well!

I wish I could remember the first time I hugged a kitten. Do any of you remember your first time?

Thanks to Cute's friend, Kathyrn, for sending over this adorable little girl holds a kitten video!

Sep 15, 2011

Determined Kitty Jumps for Toilet Paper

Arnie knows that the toilet paper could be a really fun toy. There it is, just kind of hanging there, dangling above him with its shreddable goodness.

He jumps and hops, but it's just out of reach for his tiny little paws. But with one last boing... YAY! But now what?

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Sep 14, 2011

The Mousie is MINE!

Once a cat catches his prey, you'd be silly to get in his way or try and take it away. And just because this particular "prey" is really just a toy mousie, that doesn't mean the rules are any different.

He's serious about his mouse. Super serious.

BONUS CUTE: Some kitties will do almost anything to catch their mousie!

Sep 13, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp's Bald Spot

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Pimp has a bald spot that he wants to show off. He's kind of proud of it, and I'm proud of him for getting it!

He didn't get it from being old or losing his fur -- he got it from getting his teeth cleaned like a good boy!

They had to shave my arm to make me sleepy.

See, to clean his teeth they had to knock him out. Kitties don't like people messing with their mouths, and they especially don't like it at the vets.

So he had a little bit of his arm shaved so they could give him the good drugs. I didn't know they were going to do that (it was his first time at the kitty dentist!), so I was kind of surprised when I picked him up. My poor little man's arm looked so boney!

But it doesn't bother him at all and I don't think he's the least bit self conscious about it. I mean, just look how he shows it off!

This bald spot means I have pretty teeth!

If any of you haven't ever gotten your cat's teeth cleaned, I highly recommend it. It keeps they healthy (they can get infections and get really sick!) and their breath is WAY better after. Trust me. Pimpy had a little bit of bad breath but now it's all gone!

Totally unrelated but a little bit related: Don't forget I'm one of the judges for Greenies "Show Us Your Pet's Healthy Smile" contest! I get to help pick the winner (hint, hint!), so go enter your doggies and kitties pictures at the contest page!

Sep 12, 2011

Cat Steals Dog's Bed

Zen the cat is anything but zen-like in the way he bullies his doggie brother out of the best bed in the house.

At first things don't seem to be going well, and Zen falls on his butt a couple times. But then he gets a second wind, and within seconds the bed is his!

Victory! Even if it is a little short-lived.

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Sep 11, 2011

10 Years Later, Cute Remembers

Ten years ago, me and Pimp were just waking up. We were living in Gainesville, Florida, and I was still in college. Pimp was only two years old.

The phone rang, which was strange for that hour. It was my mom telling me to turn on the TV.

I think that's how most people found out. Someone told them to turn on the TV.

And so I watched, glued, like everyone else. I think I may have gone into some kind of daze. I can't believe I don't remember more exact details about how I was feeling, the rest of my day or the days to come.

I know the football game that weekend was postponed. No way anyone was tailgaiting or celebrating. I'm sure classes were cancelled. I'm sure I went to work. I'm sure it was all we talked about.

I bought a 2-CD tribute set and listened to it basically on repeat. I don't know why.

Seems like there's a lot I don't know about that time. I can only imagine what it was like for people who were actually there and people who lost loved ones.

And so, today and every other day, we remember.

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