Dec 13, 2008

Will Purr for Snowcones

A cute lolcat I ran across...

funny pictures of cats with captions

Crow Adopts Kitten

I love that the crow is named "Moses" (even I don't name crows... and I name and feed everything). I love the cute little old couple telling the story. I love the kitten.

I love this story.

Mother Tiger Adopts Piglets

I love these stories: cat adopts bunny, dog adopts duck, crow adopts kitten... Anyway, this one is especially cute because the help this mommy tiger adopt the piglets, they dressed the little oinkers up tiger-style!

Now do you see why I don't eat pork? Look how cute it is!

Dec 12, 2008

Terrier Does the Christmas Tree Dance

Apparently, it's cute puppy day at Your Daily Cute!

I'm guessing this terrier is tippy toeing around the tree to inspect and make sure all the ornaments are hung correctly. What a helpful little fella!

Pug Head Tilt

It's cute puppy day at Your Daily Cute!

Mabel, Minnie and Max have a tough decision to make...

Do they wanna:
a) go for a ride
b) go for a walk
c) go to bed

d) just look really freaking cute.

I circled D. Twice.

Dec 11, 2008

Good Morning, Kitty!

Oh. My. God. This is so cute, it hurts.

This little Persian kitty is named DiDi, and the way he stretches and rubs his perfect squishy face breaks my little heart. And the purring... so loud! I am instantly in love.

I bet money you watch it twice.

More painful cuteness: Otters holding hands!

Dec 10, 2008

Mocha, the Broccoli-Eating Hamster

If only we could get humans to love veggies as much as animals apparently do...

Meet Mocha, the broccoli-eating hamster. They say this is his first broccoli, but he looks like he's putting it away pretty expertly for his first go at it.

And wait till he does the feet thing...

Love Mocha? Check out more veggie cuties: the bunny and the kitty!

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Christmas Lolcats!

It's December and, as usual, I'm feeling a little festive. Last year, I dressed Pimp up in his Christmas Elf costume (he has an outfit for every holiday), and his picture somehow made its way into someone's Youtube lolcats Christmas compilation!

I remember seeing it last year (and being so proud of my little guy), and so I dug it up again this year to share. Enjoy!


Vegetarian Kitty?

Even kitties gotta have their greens...

This little cutie chomps away on his favorite floret, and makes all kinds of sweet little noises while doing it (well, except for the rarr growl when they try and take his broccoli away).

He's going to be big and strong!

Then check out Mocha, the broccoli-eating hamster (he's almost cuter than this kitty...).

*Thanks to Lenisse for passing on the broccoli kitten!
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