Jan 29, 2011

Cute Kitten Plays With His Food

Bob Charlee is a scrappy little kitten who takes playing with his food to a whole other level.Luckily he has a very patient human who makes sure that, in between trying to beat up his noms, he actually gets some in his belly.

I'm sure this guy will grow up big and strong (and a handful for whoever adopts him)!

Jan 28, 2011

Fancy Feast Makes a Fancy Hat

How many cans of cat food can you stack on your cat's head?

If you're like most of us, the answer is simple. Zero. (And you'd probably end up with a scratch on your head for even trying it!) But if your cat was the one in today's video... the answer is a lot!

BONUS CUTE: Did you notice this is one of the cats who doesn't care about clementines?

Jan 27, 2011

The Cutest Pair of Bunnies You'll Ever See

The cutest? Ever? I know it's a strong statement, but I'm making it. These two little fluffy white bunny brothers are quite possibly the cutest pair of bunnies you'll ever see.


And I thought that before I even saw the one on the right yawn...

BONUS CUTE: A whole bunch of other bunnies yawning!

Jan 26, 2011

When Cats Attack

Watch out. Kitty is coming to get you! You know the slow stalking approach. This can only end one way.

Wait for it. Wait for it. Waaaaait for it...

Thanks to Cute's Facebook friend, Cat Beckham, for sharing this cute cat attack video!

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Jan 25, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo is a Goofball

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Just to be fair, I want to put out a disclaimer here: Moo is very, very cute in this post. But, um, I'm in it as well... and I'm quite the hot mess in these pictures, if I do say so myself.

OK, that said. Ignore me, ooh and aww at the cat. Easy enough, right? (Besides, I have no shame, so I'm OK with putting myself out there in the name of Cute.)

Now, let's get going. Moo is a goofball. If you've been following along, you know this by now. Whenever I talk about him I always end up using the phrase, "He's so funny!" because he really is. Everything he does cracks me up.

A couple days ago I was at the computer, and he just climbed up on my shoulders... and made himself just as comfortable as could be.

What? Mom was cold. I'm her shawl. A very floppy, biscuit-making shawl.

Basically, he'll sleep on me wherever I am. He just has to be thisclose all the time. He loves his mommy!

I like to hug Mom's head when we go to sleep! Every. Single. Night.

Or if we're on the couch, I have to get in her neck and snuggle really close... (Please don't laugh at Mom's hair. She was taking a nap after running 16 miles!)

Note from Cute: Sorry about that one. If I could have Photoshopped a bag on my head, I would have.

Note to self: Need to sign up for a Photoshop class.

Sometimes we sleep normal, but that's boring. I make boring look cute though, don't I?

Moo also just recently decided he has to blow-dry my hair with me every morning. As soon as he hears it turn on, he comes running from wherever he is in the house and plops right on my feet to get some of the warm air. (I guess. Who really knows what that goofball is thinking ever anyway.)

I have to lie on Mom's feet to anchor her and make sure she doesn't blow away.

Warm air on my belly!

OK, I'm exhausted from all the goofing off. See you all next week!

Jan 24, 2011

Kitten Spin Cycle

Izzy is going to be dry from her bath in no time with this "spin cycle" technique she's using!

She was apparently very dirty and needed a bath pretty bad -- something about a messy litterbox incident (we're not asking questions) -- and this is what she smartly did after. Her mom says she kept it up for a full 30-minute cycle. Fun and functional!

BONUS CUTE: Pimp got some tail a while back, too!

Jan 23, 2011

Cute Kitten's First Aquarium

Jakob is one lucky kitty! The new aquarium he got is non-stop entertainment for him!

It must be even better than watching birdies or squirrels outside the window... These fishies are right there and close up! Just no eating the entertainment, OK Jakob?

(The video has a few seconds of blank screen but then it kicks in. You'll see.)

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