Mar 28, 2009

Ducky and Doggie, BFF

All this cute yellow ducky wants to do is give his buddy the doggie little kisses! And, is it me or is the dog tickling the duck? It's almost like the little quacker's giggling...

More cute ducky, please.

Funny Dog Scared of Cell Phone

Do you think he's scared of the phone itself or of the voices coming out of it?

I guess I kind of understand... If I put my cell phone on speaker, my cat will stare at it like it's crazy, wondering where the other voice is coming from if there's no other person in the room. And it's especially cute if he recognizes the voice coming out of the phone!

But anyway... back to this cute phone-spooked puppy:

Rocky the Cat Boxer

I wouldn't want to get into it with this boxing kitty! However many treat, whatever people food, any toys he wants... have 'em! Just don't hit me with these fierce kitty punches! :)

Yo, Adrian... there's a new Rocky in town!

Saving the Earth is Cute: Go Dark for Earth Hour Today!

Just wanted to spread the word about Earth Hour today, March 28. The goal is for everyone to turn off their lights at 8:30 p.m. their local time. Businesses and individuals are encouraged to join in... Turn off your lights and any unnecessary electrics between 8:30 and 9:30 and do your part to help.

Your Daily Cute is doing our part -- we won't be putting up any new posts during that our, our local time (Eastern Standard Time), and we encourage all our readers to participate in Earth Hour, too.

In the meantime, here's a kitty that seems to be participating. Cute kitty in the dark!

We Love This (Not So) Crazy Cat Lady!

This amazing woman has rescued 136 cats, and her world revolves around them. I love people with so much love for animals...

My first reaction was, "Oh great, another cat-hoarding crazy woman," but, no! She's so not. Looking at these kitties, they're all well-fed (Some maybe too fed -- chunky kitties!), they are happy, friendly, she spends time with them... and way more money that I can even imagine taking care of them.

I love her, and her story. Cute kitties!

Dog Rescues Puppy From Big, Bad Cat

Man, thank goodness that doggie was there so save the puppy from this crazy Shania Twain-singing cat...

Poor thing, he looks so genuinely concerned about it. He tries a couple times, careful not to harm the cat (so nice!), and finally succeeds! A true doggie hero...

Mar 27, 2009

All Aboard... Kitty and His Choo-Choo

This yummy Scottish Fold cat is just too cute watching his toy choo-choo train. It's like he's surprised it keeps coming back... I love the ducking and bobbing!

Daring Stunt Cat!

It's a bird... it's a plane... It's Oliver the incredible stunt cat, able to leap tall building in a single bound!

Wait for it, wait for it, OK, go!

Mar 26, 2009

The Rockcats: These Cats Can Jam!

Hey man, you hear that cat's mean guitar riff? He's one cool cat...

I'll go ahead name them for us: On guitar is Kitty Hendrix, on drums if Neil Purrt and on piano we have Meowzart.

And now, watch The Rockcats jam...

(After, don't miss Nora the Piano Cat -- she's good!)

Ninja Bear!

Not to be confused with the Ninja Cat, this Ninja Bear takes his ninja-ness a step further... he is trained in weapons, too!

He is a talented guy, isn't he? And look at the fun white markings on his chest -- doesn't it look like he's wearing some kind of protective vest?

Bartender, another bear please.

*Thanks to Alex for passing on this fierce Cute!

Mar 25, 2009

The Two Talking Cats... Plus Gecko!

One of my favorite videos of all time (this is a huge honor, by the way) is the Two Talking Cats. I love it and the super-cute Talking Cats Translated version.

Normally, I'd think commercializing such cuteness would ruin it, but I was wrong. Adding the Gecko in is actually pretty darn cute!

Kitty Buffet (that's a lot of kitties!)

All right, everyone... line 'em up! All kitties meet in the mess hall at 0600 for breakfast!

And here's the itty bitty version!

funny pictures of cats with captions

Basketball "Dribbling" Doggie

In honor of March Madness, here's a little doggie basketball action for all Cuteheads out there

(Cuteheads, really? Hmmm... Take the poll and tell us what you think about that one, please!)

Cute Puppy Sneezes on Command

Sit? Boring.
Roll over? Eh, no big deal.
Shake? Sooo last year.
Sneeze? ...

Wait... sneeze? Yes, this cute puppy sneezes when told -- and such a precious little sneeze it is.

Gesundheit little doggie!

Mar 24, 2009

Kingsford the Piglet Goes to the Beach

This little piggy had some milk. This little piggy played with a cat. And this little piggy went Wee! Wee! Wee! all the way to the beach!

(In case you haven't guessed it, Kingsford the piglet does all these things in his video! Watch and awww...

More cute piggy, please.

We're Bowled Over by This Kitty!

I guess when you're just an itty bitty kitty a bowl is a perfectly good-sized bed. Any bowl will do... a bowl inside, a bowl outside...

In fact, we're bowled over by this cutie -- especially when he keeps trying to get in (it must be really comfortable in there!)...

(Note from Cute: This video takes a few seconds to get to the kitty, but it's worth it!)

Manatee Face Smoosh!

Here he comes... here he comes... SMOOSH! I love a smooshie manatee!

Really Funny Cute Cat Compilation Video

So many cute kitties, so little time... Good thing someone put them all together in this one spectacularly catastic video!

They're funny, they're adorable, they're perfect... Bring on the kitties!

And then, another cute cat compilation, please.

Mar 23, 2009

Line Dancing Kitten!

Hey y'all... Check out this little cutie!

Clear the dance floor (er, um, the bed), this country kitty's fixin' to show us a few steps!

Happy National Puppy Day!

March 23rd is National Puppy Day, an day dedicated to the adoption of 10,000 puppies.

National Puppy Day was thought up by Colleen Paige, a doggy lover and editor-in-chief of Pet Home magazine.

So to honor this cute holiday, Your Daily Cute gives you two of our most favorite little cute puppy videos. Enjoy!

Want more cute puppies? Check out this moonwalking pug (such a cutie!).

Camo Kitty

Where's the kitty?!

Another cute lolcat, please.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Do You Know What Sound Baby Pandas Make?

As if they weren't cute enough as it is to just look at, they have to go and make these adorable little noises!

I'm not sure what sound I thought baby pandas made, but I sure didn't think it was a little squeaky-squawk...

More cute panda, please.

Mar 22, 2009

Cat in a Goldfish Bowl?!

I thought the cat in the vase was pretty amazing, but this... this is incredibly amazing!

I kept thinking, "No way he'll go in there. No way." But then... well, I won't spoil it for you. :)

5,000 Duckies on Parade!

Check out these crazy quackers... Have you ever seen so many duckies in one place?

Where are they marching to? How do they all know to stick together and go there? It's like there's a 500-lb loaf of bread ahead and they're all in a giant rush to get a piece of the action!

Hurry, little duckies!

Oscar the Dog's Big Adventure

Watch as this cute little puppy travels far and wide in search of something special...

More adventurous puppies, please.

French 101... for Cat People

Now this is important French. None of that silly stuff like "Where's the bathroom?" or "What time is it?"

Essential French for cat people... (Not to mention a cute cat model.)

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