Mar 14, 2009

Dachshund Adopts Baby Pink Pig

I got this cuteness in an email and just had to share!

"This Dachshund is fostering this little guy for another mom who couldn't take care of him. He had his eyes closed, but now they are open. He is just a little bigger than her other pups. She loves this little guy as much as the other puppies and she is nursing him back to health.

He is the cleanest pig-uppy ever because she licks him all the time. HIS NAME IS PINK..." (Awwww! Pink!)

More adopted piggies, please.

*Thanks to Desiree for passing on this cute little pink piggy!

Baby Bongo at Houston Zoo (What's a Bongo?)

What's a bongo?Ah... the question of the day. Penelope over there on the right is a bongo! (Could they have thought of a cuter name!? Awww.)

Bongos are apparently a type of antelope native to Kenya and Western Africa. They're listed as endangered, so Penelope's birth is big news! She's three weeks old in this picture.

P.S. I've just added "Bongo" to my birthday wish list (April 30, so you know what day to send me a bongo to love and hug and call my very own).

More zoo babies:
Baby anteater!
Baby red panda!
Baby tiger!

Read more about Penelope at the Houston Zoo site.

Mar 13, 2009

Another Batch of Next Top Cat Model Entries!

We couldn't fit them all in yesterday, so here's another round of some of the fanciest felines in our America's Next Top Cat Model contest...

See all the entries on the Top Cat Model page on Facebook!

(These are just some of the exciting entries -- make sure to come back Monday, after we choose the five finalists, to vote on the winner. Everyone will be able to vote!)

No makeup here, folks. That eyeliner is all natural.

copyright by BZTAT at Art Adventures Studios
This is what we call the sink-fill-double-paw-tuck-tail-wrap. It's a very complicated pose. Amateurs need not apply.

See the paw? It's POINTED, people. Very, very beautiful ballerina-like lines.

Clearly a natural cat model. The pout just so, the hips slightly to positioned to the side (Paris Hilton does this in all her photos, dahhling) and the ears just the right amount of perky. Wow.

Another complicated pose. This one requires flexibility and an exact amount of pooch to rest one's arms on. Then, top it off with "the look"... Stunning.

And finally, two festive entries...

Tuscany ------------------- Sphynx Cat Boo
Christmas comes just once a year, but that's no reason to not wear a perfectly good outfit.
Tuscany's concentration is unmatched by any other in this contest so far.
And Sphynx Cat Boo also stands out in a very different way, but we can't... quite... put... our... finger on it... Oh, yeah! Boo's bald, and beautiful.

Enter your cat today in the America's Next Top Model contest!

Mar 12, 2009

America's Next Top Cat Model: Su-purr-model Standouts

Your Daily Cute realizes not all of you are on Facebook to keep checking back on the photo entries for America's Next Top Cat Model, so we've decided to post a few of the possible su-purr-model contestants.

The fancy felines all stand out in their own way, and bring a different cattitude to the table in their amazing photo shoots. Some of the standouts...

(These are just some of the exciting entries -- make sure to come back Monday, after we choose the five finalists, to vote on the winner. Everyone will be able to vote!)

Profile. You're doing it right.

Nevermind this ridiculous pile of toys. I will not be distracted from my work...

Dark, mysterious and alluring.

The key is choosing a table that complements your fur tone.

Once again, exquisite use of tone... but with an additional master-level skill: Slight head tilt, accentuating the curves of the prop.

Monkey Cat
Natural highlights and fabulous feline would trade one of their nine lives for...

Monkeyface's range is incredible. In one single shot, he's angry, yet comforable; tall and proud, yet dressed in clothes; and with incredible concentration, yet natural-looking.

What do you think of these fancy felines? Leave a comment below! And CLICK HERE for more of America's Next Top Cat Model standout contestants!

Record Litter of Dalmations Goes for a Walk

Disclaimer: Before viewing this picture, please be sure to warm up your ooohs and have a generous stock of awws on hand... You're going to need them.

This is the world's largest litter of Dalmatian puppies going for a walk. {insert ooh and aww #1 here} I tried to count, but what with all the spotted puppy butts and ears flopping around, I kept losing track. {time for ooh and aww #2}

And... it gets better. Here's a video of the Dalmatians when they were just babies!

{more oohs and awws (and lot's of 'em) go here}

Image originally posted here.

Cats is Gangsta, Too

Well, I use the term gangsta a little loosely I guess. West Side Story was gangs, no?

funny pictures of cats with captions

How to Tell If Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Got this in an email yesterday and I just had to share. I'm afraid that if we really are going by this list, I'm a goner...

See? I told you. We're all going to die. ;)

Thanks to my fellow Digg people, we found where this was originally posted. Thanks!

Mar 11, 2009

Polar Bear Mommy and Baby

All together now: Awwwww...

Just look how they cuddle up together. If I was a baby polar bear, I'd do the same thing -- cuddle up as close to my nice, warm mommy as I can.

Slo-Mo of Bear Shaking Water Off Its Fur (really cool!)

Isn't everything cooler in slow motion?

This slo-mo of a soggy bear shaking water off himself was probably like five seconds in real like. I mean, how much water could he possibly have on him? But when you see it really slowed down... wow.

Mo' slo-mo, please.

Mar 10, 2009

Help! There's Tape on My Paw!

Oh no, not the tape on cat situation again... This is never a good thing.

Well, I take that back. There is some good that comes out of it -- a really cute cat video for us to watch. And don't worry, no tape was harmed in the making of this video.

Life is Not Fair...

His shocked little open mouth says it all: But Moooooooom, he got more than me!

Life is not fair...

Bunny Letter-Opener

Why risk paper cuts or use that awful knife-like thing to open your letters when you can have a cute little bunny do it instead?

If I had a cute rabbit who opened letters as cute as this... Bring on the junk mail!

Mar 9, 2009

It's Baby Possum Feeding Time

Just look at this little guy! Clearly, possums don't get enough respect around here.

Case in point: His name is Little Road Smear (it's cute in an weird kind of way, no?). Anyway, it's Little Road Smear's feeding time... and watch out folks -- he tends to dribble a little.

Cat in a Vase

Cat? What cat? I didn't see any cat...

More crazy cats, please.

A Turtle That Does Tricks?

Move over doggies, there's a new trickster in town!

Somehow this man has actually trained his turtle to sit, stay, rollover, "go fast" and shake. I suppose I buy it, although I'm not sure I buy the man's sanity...

It's almost as crazy as the bang, bang birdie trick.

Mar 8, 2009

How Giraffes Sleep

Really? Kind of like a kitty all curled up in a ball...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, what were they going to do with all that neck besides curl it up. So cute!

More cute sleepies, please.

Talking Cat Says Hello...

What a nice, warm greeting from a cute, talkative kitty!

This is Tiger the talking cat, and he sure has a lot to say. For those of you who don't speat Catglish (Cat & English, get it? I kill me.), this transcript of Tiger's conversation, according to his owner:

"Hello, Hello, Hello, I Know Hello, Hello Hello Hello. Hello. I'm Alone, I'm on my own, I'm Alone, I know hello."

Then see the famous, original talking cats!

Enter America's Next Top Cat Model Contest!

UPDATE: VOTE NOW! Click here!

Your Daily Cute is proud to announce an exciting new competition... America's Next Top Cat Model! Enter your fabulous felines today!

Is your cat the next feline su-purr-model? Do they have the perfect look, just the right amount of 'tude and just the right picture to get the title?

Submit your cat's picture at the America's Next Top Model Facebook page by the end of the day, March 14, 2009. We'll select the 5 most intriguing, artistic and model-like shots and post these finalists on here on Your Daily Cute for everyone to vote on!

The five finalists will be selected by The Cute Crew (a select judging panel made up of Your Daily Cute friends and family). We don't take bribes, but we will take into consideration which of the entry photos has the most compliment comments, so comment on your faves! :)

Make sure you become a fan of Your Daily Cute on Facebook and follow Cute on Twitter so we can send you the link to vote!

Don't forget, add your picture to the America's Next Top Cat Model page by March 14, 2009 to enter in the contest! (Check out Pimp's picture on the left for a little inspiration...)

There's even a prize! The winning su-purr-model will receive a $10 Petco gift card (Hey, it's not a lot, but it's something!).

Please forward to and invite friends you think might be interested! Good luck!

Not on Facebook? You can still enter by emailing your entry photos (make sure include your pet's name so we know who they are!) to dorian at yourdailycute dot com.

Really Cute Rescued Sea Lion Pup!

This cutie baby sea lion was rescued by the Vancouver Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Center (They're the same place where the two otters holding hands lived!).

He's so friendly and cuddly looking. He can come live in my bathtub, and I'll hug him and kiss him and squeeze him and call him my very own...

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