Feb 5, 2011

Bath Time in Slow Motion

It is taking every ounce of strength and willpower I have not to run out and get a little Dachshund after seeing this video. Iso is taking a bath... in slow motion.

Iso in slow mo is quite possibly the sweetest thing I've ever seen. I had no idea a bath could be so incredibly adorable. His expressions and his face are precious and the way he "swims" with his little feet -- even when he's not in the water... I melted.

P.S. You all know I'm dying to get a little miniature Dachshund, right? His name will be Frank. And one day, I'll get him a brother named Nathan. Don't steal my names. :)

Thanks to Daily Dog Scoop for sharing this cute Dachshund video!

Feb 4, 2011

Kitten Challenges Big Doggie

On this side of the couch... The pint-sized puddy, with his fur all frazzled and his tail puffed and poofed.

On the other side of the couch... The big lug of a dog, calm, collected, gingerly sniffing his mighty mini playmate.

Who will win the standoff? I think we know who.

Feb 3, 2011

How to Properly Catch a Toy

When catching a cat toy, there are some techniques that are more effective than others.

Some cats think it's perfectly OK to just swat at said toy and then run after it. Others employ the "clapping hands" method and squish the toy to grab it. Still others just let it fall on the floor and stare at it.

This cat though has a lesson for us all. A true catch. Bravo, kitty!

Feb 2, 2011

Baby Goat on a Trampoline

Goats do like to hop and do little happy goat dances, but they don't just grow up knowing how to boing on trampolines. And, really, isn't this a cute skill they should all know?

That's why it's a good thing this little baby goat has a good teacher to show him just how fun bouncing can be! After a couple tries, he really starts to get the hang of it!

Feb 1, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: Busted on the Bed!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! You wouldn't believe what I caught Pimp and Moo doing the other day...

Snuggling together on the bed!

Well, as close to "snuggling" as this boys will ever get, anyway. They aren't the cuddliest bunch (with each other anyway).

There I was just minding my own business with my hedgehog when this cow cat came along and snuck in for a snuggle...

And not only did he try and snuggle me, he tried to cuddle with my tail! (Look at it underneath Moo's chest there - so funny!)

What? I'm a snugglesaurus! Don't you know? At least your tail wants to cuddle...

Jan 31, 2011

Put Your Paws Up!

Gryphon the kitten is apparently too cute for his own good. There he was just minding his own business with his belly all exposed and whatnot (Can anyone resist that?), when he was caught by the Cute Police!

Good thing he cooperated... They played this little "stick 'em up" game for almost half an hour!

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Jan 30, 2011

Sweet Cat Loves His Baby Brother

This one's for the people who think they need to "get rid of" their cats when they have a baby... No! Just look at what sweet little moments you might not get to catch.

Their sweet black cat just adores his new baby brother, and just thought he might need a little bath.

Hey, it's better than having your grandma lick her finger and then wipe something off your face or flatten a wild hair, right? I'd much rather have a cute kitty do it!

Speaking of black cats... Make sure you click the "sweet black cat" link up there!
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