Jul 17, 2010

Breakdancing Kitty

This cat has some major moves! A little bit dance, a little bit acrobatics, a little bit kung foo (maybe?) -- and a whole lot of cute! Breakdancing kitty has skillz.

More dancing kitties, please.

P.S. I'm sorry I haven't posted new Little Meow pics yet. Her mommy still has to send me them. But believe me, they are adorable! Soon, soon, soon!

Jul 16, 2010

Mew's Got Milk!

Mew should be in a Got Milk? ad with his adorable little milk mustache!

He was a tiny, abandoned kitten found starving in some bushes. A nice couple picked him up and took him home to safety, love, a home... and a nice bowl of milk. (We know it's not the healthiest for kitties, but he was starving and he went right for it, poor little guy!)

Now Mew is all healthy and eating well (and right) and a pretty, perfect kitty! Cute loves a happy ending!

Jul 15, 2010

Puppy vs. Shampoo

Yesterday, we saw a cute cat attack, and today it's the dog's day!

The feisty little yapper must know the shampoo bottle means it's bath time, because when it comes to showing it who's boss... he means business! I have never seen a scarier bottle. Hehe. You?

P.S. I'm going to visit Little Meow tonight! Will definitely take pictures and post them up on the Cute's Facebook page!

Jul 14, 2010

Molly vs. the Evil Printer

Molly knows the printer is evil. She is just trying to work up the courage to take it out so she can save her family from it's horrible, awful printing...

Well, maybe if she tries to scare it by attacking this cord right in front of it -- swat! thwap! pawpawpaw!

Did it work?

Jul 13, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp & Moo Covered in Paint!

Psst... Don't miss the Little Meow update at the end!

Well, I guess Pimp and Moo aren't actually covered in paint... but they are paintED! I'm so excited that they custom portraits I had done of them are finally done!

I have been wanting to have BZTAT paint Pimp and Moo for what seems like years now, and a few months ago, I finally broke down and decided it was time. I had an empty wall... and she had a paintbrush and a bunch of paint... and it just seemed to make sense.

And I couldn't be happier! Just look at how awesome their portraits came out. I can't believe how exactly perfect she got their faces and expressions!

Pimp is a wise cat, and his face shows it. He is super expressive and super sweet -- and BZTAT nailed it!

And Moo... we all know he's a goofball. He's nuts, and I love him because of it. And BZTAT got it just right!

Seriously, I'm sure some people think it's crazy to spend money on artwork of their pets or to have giant (and I do mean giant... these babies are 24x24!) paintings of cats on their walls, but I think it's perfectly sane. Once I get these up on my wall -- I'm going to have the BEST-looking wall ever! Thanks to my beautiful boys... and BZTAT, of course.

By the way, she didn't ask me to post any of this or "sell" her paintings for her, I just love her and her artwork. If you want more info on getting your own pets painted, check out her site her: www.BZTAT.com.

Little Meow update!

Little Meow is a little princess in her new home. She is so loved and so loving. She loves to purr and rub on her new mommy, Giselle, and is even warming up to her new daddy, Stephen (she likes girls better, I guess).

She still hasn't met her new brother officially yet, but "her room" has a French door to the rest of the house, so they can watch each other and say hi without contact yet. And they seem totally fine with it, Giselle says! I know they'll love each other soon.

Here's a couple pictures of her she took this week. Little Meow apparently loves her catnip! Hehe. (You can click to biggify the pictures!)

I'm SO happy she's happy! Have a great day, everyone!

Jul 12, 2010

Dog Licks Baby Lamb

This baby lamb and his brother were both rescued after their mom rejected them... and Chance (the doggie!) just loves to lick them and make them feel welcome in their foster home!

The baby lamb is about three or four days old here. And how cute is the baby lamb in his diaper?!

More baby lambs, please.

Jul 11, 2010

Dirty Kitty Falls in Laundry Hamper

It seemed like a nice, safe spot for this adventurous cat to stop and rest for a bit, until...


Seems like the bottom fell out of that plan.

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