Jul 13, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp & Moo Covered in Paint!

Psst... Don't miss the Little Meow update at the end!

Well, I guess Pimp and Moo aren't actually covered in paint... but they are paintED! I'm so excited that they custom portraits I had done of them are finally done!

I have been wanting to have BZTAT paint Pimp and Moo for what seems like years now, and a few months ago, I finally broke down and decided it was time. I had an empty wall... and she had a paintbrush and a bunch of paint... and it just seemed to make sense.

And I couldn't be happier! Just look at how awesome their portraits came out. I can't believe how exactly perfect she got their faces and expressions!

Pimp is a wise cat, and his face shows it. He is super expressive and super sweet -- and BZTAT nailed it!

And Moo... we all know he's a goofball. He's nuts, and I love him because of it. And BZTAT got it just right!

Seriously, I'm sure some people think it's crazy to spend money on artwork of their pets or to have giant (and I do mean giant... these babies are 24x24!) paintings of cats on their walls, but I think it's perfectly sane. Once I get these up on my wall -- I'm going to have the BEST-looking wall ever! Thanks to my beautiful boys... and BZTAT, of course.

By the way, she didn't ask me to post any of this or "sell" her paintings for her, I just love her and her artwork. If you want more info on getting your own pets painted, check out her site her: www.BZTAT.com.

Little Meow update!

Little Meow is a little princess in her new home. She is so loved and so loving. She loves to purr and rub on her new mommy, Giselle, and is even warming up to her new daddy, Stephen (she likes girls better, I guess).

She still hasn't met her new brother officially yet, but "her room" has a French door to the rest of the house, so they can watch each other and say hi without contact yet. And they seem totally fine with it, Giselle says! I know they'll love each other soon.

Here's a couple pictures of her she took this week. Little Meow apparently loves her catnip! Hehe. (You can click to biggify the pictures!)

I'm SO happy she's happy! Have a great day, everyone!


  1. Agree 100% BZTAT is the lovliest painter and your two are awesome!!

    So good to hear about Little Meow too - Highpaw to Giselle for being a great Mom!

  2. the paintings are wonderful!! We can never have enough paintings of our pets and BZTAT did a fabulous job! (as always!)

    Little Meow seems to be doing just fine and that is the best news!!!

  3. We love those portraits of Pimp and Moo!! And we are so happy Little Meow is doing so well in her new home! Yay!

  4. awwww SOOOO HAPPY about MEOW Dorian! And I wanna see the pictures once you have them up ok!?! I jealous! I want for kip and petie!

  5. Pimp and Moo are ART!!!! I think your wall is going to look fab-u-lous!! The artist did a fantastic job.

    And how wonderful that wee Little Meow is doing so well. Very very wonderful! She is looking like a very loved kitty!

    xo Catherine

  6. Pimp and Moo look awesome! And I'm so happy for Little Meow.


  7. Those paintings are so good. Wish I had the money to do some of my kitties. But she really did capture their expressions. Really good stuff.
    Our Mom is so excited to see pictures of Little Meow and hear how happy she is. That is just awesome. It is always so exciting when a cat like Meow finds a great home.

  8. Those paintings are AMAZING! And well worth whatever you paid for them. If I had a little extra cash, I would be all over that artist. Love her style.

    I'm happy Little Meow is settling in. What a sweet little girl!

  9. The paintings are awesome! So glad Little Meow has a place of her own. Shes going to be living in the lap of luxury now, which she so deserves. Does she plan on keeping her strictly indoors?

  10. If it makes you happy that is what is important.
    Harumph to people who scoff.

    I am glad Little Meow is happy.

  11. Those paintings are totally pawsome! Brew's human has a special talent for capturing kitties. Is that FRESH catnip I see in the photos of Little Meow? She's gone from parking lot kitty to a life of luxury!

  12. The paintings are purrfectly beautiful!!! I sure am happy for Little Meow too, she sure does look happy!

  13. The paintings are gorgeous. Yah! for kitty.

  14. We love the paintings! And although we got very behind in stopping by we had been following Little Meow - and are SO HAPPY that she found a wonderful new home! She is going to love it there, we just know it!!

  15. Those paintings are GREAT!! I LOVE them. And can those kitty faces ever be too big??? Nope!

    Hooray for Little Meow!! I'm so happy for everyone! I love a happy ending. :)

  16. Double awesome (or is it triple?). First of all - I LOVE THOSE PORTRAITS. Seriously, awesome and awesome.

    Also - so glad about Little Meow! She looks like such a little kitten in these pictures; I'm sure she'll have a great life, and she's got you to thank for it! It was so sad when Daddy Meow passed, but I'm sure he would be grateful to know that his passing helped put Little Meow in a real home where she belongs!

  17. Yay! Pimp and Moo in paintings and Little Meow in her new home! So Pawsome!

  18. Thx everyone for the great comments, and thx Dorian for the fabulous shout out!!! I enjoyed painting these guys tremendously, even though Moo's eyes confounded me a bit. Thx so much for the opportunity to paint them!

  19.  Hi, BZTAT!  China Gorman gave me my BZTAT portrait of my "Callie" for Christmas and I love it to pieces!!
    It's so perfect and beautifully done!  I thank you and also
    China!  Jo Miner


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