Jul 12, 2010

Dog Licks Baby Lamb

This baby lamb and his brother were both rescued after their mom rejected them... and Chance (the doggie!) just loves to lick them and make them feel welcome in their foster home!

The baby lamb is about three or four days old here. And how cute is the baby lamb in his diaper?!

More baby lambs, please.


  1. So very cute! What a sweet little lamb!

  2. How adorable :-)

  3. The diaper is hysterical but what a good idea. And what a great dog. Really cute video. How is Little Meow doing??

  4. Early taste of future dinner.. :O

  5. Very very cute....no wonder 'Mary had a little Lamb'.....just don't know if I'd have it jumping on my bed but the cats do.

  6. All so adorable!  Your site makes me smile first thing in the day.


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