Mar 10, 2012

Sweet Dog Gets His Heart Broken by Foster Kittens

Murkin is such a good doggie. All he wants to do is make friends and hang out with the foster kittens, but they don't want anything to do with him.

He keeps trying to say hi and nuzzle his way into their hearts, but to no avail. He just ends up getting his own heart broken.

(Psst... make sure you scroll down for the happy ending!)

That was so sweet and sad, wasn't it? Well, there's good news! Murkin and those silly kitties finally did become friends!

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Mar 9, 2012

Uli the Dachshund is on a Mission!

You have to watch this little movie! It's the story of Uli and her mission to get better food. During the mission, she's advised by her two stuffed toys -- the weasel and the fox (you'll see when you watch; it makes more sense).

The weasel is like the devil on one shoulder and the fox is like the good guy.

Will Uli succeed in her mission to get better food? Or will she stay with regular weiner dog food?

BONUS CUTE: Another cute dachshund goes for a swim!

Mar 8, 2012

Cat in a Small Box

Like any cat, Hobbes loves boxes. And like any cat, size is not an issue. A box is a box is a box!

And the smaller the box, the bigger the mission (and the more the cat wants to be in the box, apparently). Hobbes is determined.

NOTE FROM CUTE: Thank you all for all the help/suggestions/kind words about my job search. I haven't landed anywhere yet, but I am grateful for all the support and I know the right thing will come along soon!

ANOTHER NOTE: Pimp is doing great on his prescription y/d food so far. He likes it, so that's great. I talked to the vet a little yesterday just to make sure he's eating the right amounts, and he's right on track. And Moo? Well, he's still not really on board with the meal feedings. :)

Mar 7, 2012

The Real Housecats of the Blogosphere

I am officially predicting an internet sensation here. Stuff just got real.
Someone is actually making The Real Housecats of the Blogosphere.

The first episode, where you can meet all the Housecats, is below. I'm already assuming there will be a few catfights and some flirty romances. If I was those Housecats, I'd be particularly watching out for that Sphynx kitty... Just meowin'.

It's all done (so well done!) by the woman behind a blog I wish I had more time to read regularly, She had a casting call and chose 10 cats to be on the YouTube show. There is tons more info on her site. I already can't wait for the next episode of The Real Housecats of the Blogosphere!

P.S. Those of you familiar with the cat blogosphere and all the cats on Twitter: Recognize any faces here? :) There are a lot of our friends in the cast!

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Mar 6, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp has Hyperthyroidism and We're Fixing Him Up!

A couple weeks ago, I posted on my Catster blog about Pimp's test results at his last vet visit. He and Moo went in for their regular checkups, and I mentioned that he'd lost a little weight.

He's 12 years old, and I affectionately call him my "little bag of bones" (he was once 22 pounds, so anything is a bag of bones compared to that!), and I wanted to be sure there wasn't some underlying issue other than simple aging.

The vet said his weight is perfect for his size and age, and she wished more cats looked like him. (Yay, Pimp!) But I pressed on, because I know he's lost weight, so even if he's a healthy weight now, he has lost a noticeable amount in the past few months.

She suggested we test his thyroid, since this is something that can affect weight and many older cats develop issues. And so we did.

And a couple days later, she called me to tell me that his thyroid levels were through the roof -- higher than any other cat she'd ever seen even.

I calmly asked her WHAT IN THE WORLD THAT MEANT.

She explained that hyperthyroidism in cats is fairly common, and that it is generally easily treatable. An overactive thyroid can cause all of a kitty's organs to work double-time, especially their heart.

We have several options for treatment:

1. A daily pill (eek! Any option is better than that for Pimp or he'll live under the bed from now on.).
2. A medicated cream that I'd rub in his ear every day (but if you have more than one cat, it is a little hard because she said Moo should not be licking it because we don't want his normal levels to go down).
3. A relatively new diet treatment option where he'd eat exclusively Hill's Prescription y/d food, made just to treat hyperthyroidism (he'd have to eat this forever).
4. Down the line, Radioiodine Therapy, which is one shot which could cure him for good (but we have to get his levels down first).

We chose to go the food route for now and ordered the prescription y/d food in both dry and canned. The goal is to get his thyroid levels back to normal -- we'll retest him in four weeks to see how he's doing, and then again in eight -- and then do bloodwork to make sure they hyperthyroidism isn't hiding any other conditions. She said that sometimes a cat can have kidney issues, but since these levels are so high, it actually masks them in blood tests.

Good thing he loves the new y/d food!

Later on, once his levels are regular and (all paws crossed) when his kidneys check out, I think I'll look into the Radioiodine treatment, because then he'd be cured and we wouldn't have to eat or buy special food. And, well, he'd be cured.

For now, our biggest mission is making sure Pimp doesn't eat any of Moo's food. The boys are used to having food out all the time, so the switch to meal feeding is proving to be a big challenge for Moo. He wants to graze, not scarf. But Pimp can only have his food (and nothing else - not even treats!) in order to get better.

So we're working on it. I've been talking to my friends at Hill's Pet Nutrition, and they're going to work with our vet too, giving any advice and support we might have or ask for to make sure Pimpy gets the best care ever!

I'll keep you guys updated. In the meantime, Pimp feels perfectly fine. He is acting normal and there is nothing wrong with him, except just a number on a chart. All paws crossed his next test results come back showing much better results.

Mar 5, 2012

Meet Sweet Pea, My Favorite Parking Lot Kitty!

Those of you who follow the Cute's Facebook page have probably seen my posting about Sweet Pea lately. She is one of the kitties I feed in my (former) office parking lot. She went missing for a few days last week, and worried us to pieces.

Say hello to the beautiful miss Sweet Pea! This is her supermodel photo that I took a few months ago.

Sweet Pea is a chunker of a girl with the sweetest personality and disposition. She loves to be petted (until she's had enough and prances away like a princess) and rarely meows. When she does, though, it's a tiny little meow that comes out of that big girl.

Anyway, last week she disappeared for a few days and we were very worried. Sweet Pea is on a very regular routine and comes like clockwork for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. She doesn't miss a meal... as you can see from looking at her. ;)

So after just one day of her not there, her other parking lot mommy told me she was worried, and I agreed. We searched and called for days, even walking through every single bush in the area in case she was hurt and couldn't come to us, but no Pea. I was really thinking the worst.

But then, like a miracle, she showed up last Thursday! Happy happy HAPPY day!

Where could she have gone? We have no idea and she refuses to tell us. She is spayed, so she wasn't out flirting around. My best guess is that she somehow got locked in somewhere and couldn't come, although I have no idea where that would be.

She didn't look like she felt very good, though, and she wasn't eating (she had to be starved after four days of no food!). We were happy she was there, but now we were worried there was something wrong with her.

So Friday and Saturday we kept an eye on her. Brought her deli meat to entice her to eat -- she'd eat that, but had no interest in her regular dry or canned. She didn't physically look like she had anything wrong, but her face just looked miserable and mopey and just like she wasn't feeling good. (That's her mopey face over there on the right. See what I mean?)

But then Sunday morning, I got a text from her other parking lot mommy saying that she was there feeding them breakfast. She asked me to tell her what I thought of Sweet Pea when I went by later in the day. She didn't want to tell me what she thought so that I'd make my own opinion.

I went by to give them lunch (these kitties are lucky and loved!) and there was Pea, just like clockwork. I went over to say hi to her and immediately I saw what her other mommy saw -- she looked way better!

Here is a video of Sweet Pea! I promise my voice isn't normally like that... only when I talk to kitties.

The sparkle was back in her eye, she didn't seem droopy and sad anymore and, best of all, she chowed down on her whole pile of dry food like she had always used to do before!

Whew! We were thinking we'd have to take her to the V-E-T today, but I think that she just had a really bad week last week and now she's better!

All fingers and paws crossed she stays better. I get so worried about these kitties. And Sweet Pea is my favorite one out there right now.

I'll keep you posted! I post more often on Facebook about stuff like this, so if you want more regular updates, make sure you follow there.

What a great way to start the week... with a back-to-normal Sweet Pea! I love my parking lot kitties.

Mar 4, 2012

Kitten and Pit Bull are Identical Twins!

OK, maybe not identical twins, but they do have the exact same markings and they are sitting in exactly the same way and they are kind of doing exactly the same motions... And, of course, they are exactly as cute as each other!

BONUS CUTE: Twin baby moose playing in a sprinkler!

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