Jul 11, 2009

Ever Have One of Those Days?

This kitty looks like he's had a pretty rough day today... Maybe the nip stash was low. Or maybe the noms weren't up to par. Or maybe there were no buggies to chase or birdies to watch...

Whatever it was, we feel ya, bud. We've definitely been there before.

Jul 10, 2009

Baby Snow Leopard Cubs Makes his Debut!

This fuzzy little baby snow leopard cub is named Altai. He lives in Berlin at the Berlin Animal Park, and this is his first time showing off his cuteness in public!

Looks like he's not quite sure what to make of it (Quick, back in the basket!), but we get the feeling he'll catch on real soon. This much cuteness can't possibly be camera shy!

Jul 9, 2009

Twin Baby Moose Playing in the Sprinkler

This is one of the most beautiful videos I've ever seen... I remember watching it before, and can't believe that I didn't post it on the Cute before now.

It's two twin baby moose and their mom playing in a backyard sprinkler. Imagine having this amazing treat in your backyard! Have you ever seen anything more perfect?

The video was taken in Anchorage, Alaska last year. Lucky for us, it was captured on film so we can all enjoy it. I think I could watch it over and over again and smile bigger every time...

After this, here's another beautiful, heartwarming video: Christian the Lion.

Jul 8, 2009

Parrot Pets His Cute Kitty Pal

Coco the parrot loves his kitty sibling, Lucky... Just look how he pets him and gives him the chin scratchies and the kisses!

What a cute little pair! Make sure you watch both videos. In the second one, he sits on his head -- and the kitty doesn't even seem to mind! I guess we know who's in charge in that house...

Cocoa Pets Lucky...

Then Cocoa Sits on His Head!!

I couldn't pick between these as to which was cutest... Which one would you vote for?

Jul 7, 2009

Noisy (and Cute!) Little Harp Seal

I'm not one for cold temperatures, but this little baby harp seal makes me want to jump on the first plane to wherever he is and play with him and his brothers and sisters.

I thought it was too much cuteness when he rolled over and got all wiggly, but then he had to go and start eating the snow... Awwww.

How about a baby sea lion next, please.

Jul 6, 2009

VERY Vocal Kitty (with Extreme Close-up!)

I do not know what this kitteh is saying, but I do know it's important. It has to be... he keeps talking and talking and talking about it.

So much talking, in fact, that he has to stop for a second and take a breather and lick his lips before continuing on with what he was saying. Can anyone speak fluent Cat? I'd like to know what he's trying to hard to tell us!

You know I'm a sucker for 'em, so more extreme close-up, please!

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Jul 5, 2009

Elton Dog Plays the Piano

There are some talented animals in this world! First, we introduced you to Nora the piano cat -- and now we have a piano dog for you!

Meet Elton Dog (Cute can't help but wonder if that's his real name... even though it is super cute!). Elton tickles the ivories with the best of them. In fact, he'd like to play you a song...

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