May 15, 2010

Beautiful Reunion Between Gorilla and the Man Who Raised Him

Get your tissues ready, everyone. This is another one of those beautiful reunion stories like the Christian the Lion one. (You did see that one, right? If not, go go go!)

In this video, conservationist Damian Aspinall goes in search of Kwibi, the gorilla he helped raise at his Wild Animal Park in England. He hasn't seen Kwibi since he was released into the wild five years ago.

He's warned that Kwibi is bigger and stronger now, but Damian isn't worried. He's sure his friend will remember him... And sure enough... well, you watch and see!

HUGE thanks to Cute's friend, Vanessa, for passing on this beautiful video!

May 14, 2010

Now That's a Nosy Kitty!

If you don't know about me and my extreme close-up obsession, you will after this post! Cute is a huge sucker for super close-up kitty and doggie faces.

This one is especially fun because it is shot through a fish-eye lens, which makes it even more "in your face" looking!

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May 13, 2010

Cat Grass Attack!

I guess no one ever told this kitty not to play with his food (or his treat, I suppose)... but does that really matter?

Cat's don't need manners; they just need cute! Thwap your grass all you want, cute kitty.

May 12, 2010

The Beach has Gone to the Dogs!

...or, better yet, the dogs have gone to the beach!

This video is the second one by this group that has made it on the Cute, and they are so much fun! It's made by a dog school who trains their doggies and then films them doing all fabulous videos like this one which features a whole herd of adorable dogs' day at the beach.

If you like this one, check out the other one we featured around Christmastime where dogs decorate a Christmas tree!

May 11, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp's Story

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today (and next week), I decided to tell you the story behind Pimp and Moo. Some of you already know all about them, but if you don't, I wanted to share a little about the loves of my life with you.

Pimp this week, and Moo next Tuesday! Yay!

I got Pimp when I was in college. I had just moved out of the dorms, and for some reason me and the three other girls I lived with decided we wanted a kitten. Looking back, it was a little nuts... The apartment we lived in didn't allow pets, we hadn't decided who the kitten would really belong to -- and who would keep him when we moved out -- and we were college kids.

But, that said, it was the best decision of my life because that's how I got Pimp!

Would you just look at sweet baby Pimp?!

Once we decided we wanted a kitten, we started pouring over classifieds (I guess we didn't really know about shelters yet), and visited a few homes advertising free kittens. None of them were quite right, though...

Until we met one lady at a convenience store parking lot on the corner of two roads I'd never heard of before. I'm not sure why she wanted to meet us there, but what I am sure of is PIMP was in the cardboard box she had with her!

And he was ours from that second on. :)

Now we just had to name him... He was Tyson for a few days (don't know why), but it wasn't quite right. I think he had another name, too. Until one day it occurred to me that we were four girls and he was the only guy -- clearly he was a Pimp! And so he was.

Baby Pimp pimpin'.

I believe it was less than a year later that we got caught. The apartment complex put a note on our door telling us that we either had to get rid of the cat or be evicted. Nooooo!

I can't say for sure that the others wouldn't have kept him, but neither of my three roommates seemed to be volunteering to take responsibility. Were they going to just give him up? No way, no how, I said!

And so I decided that Pimp was more important than money, packed up my stuff and moved out on my own to a one-bedroom that allowed pets. I kept paying rent at the old place... and paid rent at the new place, too -- all while I was just a sophomore in college! I kept joking that I was paying as much as a mortgage.

But it was way worth it. I had a PIMP! ;)

Who wouldn't go broke for that precious face?

Eventually the extra room in the other apartment got rented out and I was off the hook for it, and me and Pimp started living happily ever after! Having him certainly didn't make life easy right around that time, but it was worth every penny, every second and every little bit of stress.

That was almost 11 years ago (Pimp's birthday is July 4, by the way), and every single day I am so happy to have him. He's my best little furry friend and the most expressive, caring little thing you'll ever meet.

Me and my son!

It was just the two of us until about a year and a half ago when Moo came into our lives... and that's a story for next Tuesday! Have a great day, everyone!

Love, me and Pimp

May 10, 2010

Dey Seez Me Rollin'

Sometimes you run across a LOLcat that is just too darn cute not to share! This one is one of my all-time favorites!

I mean, just look at this gangsta kitty... he's so tough, and rough and perfectly puffed...

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Don't hate him because he's beautiful. ;)

May 9, 2010

Don't Taunt the Cat...

Tommy the dog learns the hard way why it's not smart to taunt a cat. You see, he thinks that because he's a doggie, and bigger than his kitty sibling, that he can claim a bigger spot on the bed.

You'll see how he tries to take up both the side and the foot of the bed. And then you'll see that The Cat is not having it.

More doggie vs. cat, please!

Special note from Cute: Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there -- of both human and furry children! Hope everyone has a super special day!
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