Mar 5, 2011

Cat in the Box Sneak Attack

This game is simple: Whichever cat makes it into the box first has the upperpaw when it comes to the inevitable battle.

Sorry, Kitty #2, this box is taken. Whapthwakpawswat!

Mar 4, 2011

Cute Baby Anteater Finds His Feet

Sunshine the newborn baby anteater is a little wobbly on his tiny feet, so he spends a lot of time clinging to his equally-adorable mommy. But when he does give standing a shot on his own... I just want to eat him up!

This is at the Sunshine International Aquarium in Tokyo. I did a little poking around for more info on Sunshine, and it looks like this video was originally posted a while back, so he's actually almost two right now!

Mar 3, 2011

Chased by a Herd of Cute!

What would you do if a herd of 10 adorable puppies was chasing you around in circles? I know what I would do... I would want to do it again!

This little boy is having the time of his life with these cute puppies. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

BONUS CUTE: Another herd of puppies!

Thanks to Cute's friend Linda for sharing this cute puppy video!

Mar 2, 2011

Tired Cat Passes Out

You know you're really tired when you can't keep your eyes open and all of the sudden...

THUD. Faceplant right into the bed.

We've seen silly sleepy cats before (Remember the one snoring in the glass?), but this one naps the hardest of all of them, for sure.

Mar 1, 2011

Two Cats (and a Bird) Tuesday: Vintage Catnip and Florence

Happy Two Cats Tuesday! Today Pimp and Moo decided Flo could share their day.

Last night, Pimp overindulged in the NIP. I had moved their giant scratcher to vacuum the back of the couch and he discovered the most ginormous pile of old, leftover catnip underneath it. It must have fallen off from when I first dusted it with NIP when we got it.

Oooh! I found the secret NIP stash! Mine all mine!

If I open my mouth real wide and nom the carpet hard, I can get more NIP!

Oh noes! Moo is on to me and my stash...

STOP EVERYTHING! You know how sometimes you take a picture and you don't realize just how cute it is or you don't see certain things in it until afterwards? Well, this is one of those. I knew it was cute, but I didn't realize just how cute it was... Click to biggify it if you want.

If you look closely at the top, you can see Moo licking my head! (And his little white foot at the bottom left.)

Those are moments I love, Cuteheads. They are few and far between with these two boys!

And now, I leave you with a video of Florence. No babies yet, but there must be eggs in there. She's sitting a little higher than she was at first. Come on, baby birdies! Come out and play!

Feb 28, 2011

Cutest Tiny Cat Attack Ever!

This tiny cottonball of a kitten somehow gets it in his head that he needs to attack his big dog brother.

You can see him gathering his little courage... and then POUNCE!

The jury is still out on whether the dog even felt anything or not. I'm thinking he probably didn't. ;)

Thanks to Cute's friends at Life with Cats for sharing this cute kitten attack video!

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Feb 27, 2011

Has Maru Met His Match?

Maru is famous for his love of boxes. There is no box too big or too small for Maru to conquer.

But could this latest tricky box be the one that finally stumps him?

I think we all know better that to think he'd let a box beat him... but it does give him a little bit of trouble!

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