Mar 2, 2013

Henri the Existential Cat Ponders Cat Food Boredom

Henri the cat, as we all know, lives a sad, depressing life (according to him, anyway). Every day it's the same drudgery... and his cat food is no different.

Each day he hopes for something new, but no, it's not to be. Just the same kibble. Is there a way to change this for cats all over the world?

Want more miserable Henri? See more of his videos here.

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Mar 1, 2013

Two Gorillas Totally Entertained by a Caterpillar

A fuzzy caterpillar decides to take a leisurely stroll across the bars of the gorilla enclosure at the Calgary Zoo. This puzzles the gorillas greatly, apparently.

They lean in curiously for a closer look, kind of how I imagine my grandmother would look at a computer screen or iPad. But they don't get too close -- the caterpillar needs his space, you know.

The average gorilla weighs 300-400 pounds (according to Wikipedia, anyway). The average caterpillar is way less (I tried to Google this, but no luck. Anyone?). Amazing how the big gorillas can be so sweet and enthralled by the little guy!

Thanks to Cutehead Lauren G. for sharing this cute gorillas watching a caterpillar video with us!

P.S. We have two transports coming up and need help filling a couple legs. Can any of you do these or know someone who might?

Saturday, March 9:
Ormond Beach/Daytona, FL to Jacksonville, FL - around midday
Savannah, GA to Manning, SC - late afternoon
Manning, SC to Fayetteville, NC - late afternoon

Sunday, March 10:
Richmond, VA to Washington DCish area - late morning

Saturday, March 16:
Ocala, FL to Lake City, FL - afternoon

If you can help with one of these, please fill out our transport form:

Thanks, everyone!

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Feb 28, 2013

Best Harlem Shake Cat Video!

It was bound to happen eventually... and leave it to Shorty the cat to be the one to do it. Finally someone made a good Harlem Shake cat video!

Have you seen these Harlem Shake videos going around? I have no idea why their so funny, but all kinds of people and companies even are making them -- and now there is finally a Harlem Shake cat version!

P.S. If you haven't seen these Harlem Shake videos yet, do a quick search on Youtube (and prepare to waste at least 30 minutes of your life). I have no idea why they're so funny, but I giggle at each one! It's the silliest meme going on right now.

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Feb 27, 2013

Kitten Gets His First Job!

File this video under "Who in the World Thinks of These Things?!"

It's kind of like a soap opera, I guess. It starts with a cat getting a massage, just talking about what's new. Turns out his little kitten is just trying to get his first job... and then it switches to the scene of the kitten and his potential bosses. They want copies and coffee, and kitty is quick to oblige (and you wouldn't believe who the bosses are -- it's the Zen Cats, of course!).

Now, does he get the job in the end or not? Watch and see!

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Feb 26, 2013

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp and Moo Are Donating Their Toys!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! I am so proud of my boys this week. They are always good boys, of course, but this week they decided to do something super big-hearted and generous: They decided to donate most of their toys to our local animal shelter!

The truth is Pimp and Moo have way too many toys for two kitties. They have way too many toys for 22 kitties probably, honestly, and so we're going to make some less fortunate cats happy.

This is our pile BEFORE. It's a mountain!

What makes this even more special is that we are donating them to our local animal control in Pompano Beach, FL -- which is the place where we are always trying to rescue the kitties from and transport them all over! They are very sad there, and I know some toys in their cages is a luxury they are not used to having... so we are going to make that happen!

This is the mountain of toys we're DONATING! 

This will help make these kitties a little happier while they are waiting and hoping for their forever family to come along and adopt them. They deserve it!

Animal control is not a no-kill shelter, so it is always urgent that these kitties get adopted. We are hoping that happier kitties will get adopted more, and if every one doesn't make it out, then at least we can give them a little something to be happy about while they are there.

Pimp and Moo made sure to keep all their favorites!

Do you have a pile of toys at home like Pimp and Moo that your kitties don't play with? Don't throw them away or just keep them in a basket where they aren't getting used... Donate them to your local shelter! Trust me, they'll appreciate it!

My toy basket AFTER! It still looks full! Yippee!

And we even kept a little pile of toys for the most super special wonderful awesome amazing luckiest kitties from animal control -- the ones we find homes for and transport!

These toys are for all the kitties we save, so they can play with toys while they're waiting for their ride to get figured out and take them with them to their new homes!

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Feb 25, 2013

Chunky Cat Swims Laps to Lose Weight

Holly the cat needs to lose weight. But at almost 20 pounds and 13 years old, she's pretty set in her ways. She doesn't care for toys or catnip or anything else a normal kitty would do to get more exercise... but she does love to swim laps!

Suited up in her life jacket (safety first!), she makes regular trips to the pool to swim her laps and get her exercise. And it doesn't look like it bothers her one bit!

She's got seven pounds to lose. I wonder how many laps that is?

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Feb 24, 2013

Bucket of Baby Sloths

Sloths! A whole bucket of them!

Do I need to say anything else? Prepare to squee... Happy Sunday, everyone!

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