Mar 1, 2013

Two Gorillas Totally Entertained by a Caterpillar

A fuzzy caterpillar decides to take a leisurely stroll across the bars of the gorilla enclosure at the Calgary Zoo. This puzzles the gorillas greatly, apparently.

They lean in curiously for a closer look, kind of how I imagine my grandmother would look at a computer screen or iPad. But they don't get too close -- the caterpillar needs his space, you know.

The average gorilla weighs 300-400 pounds (according to Wikipedia, anyway). The average caterpillar is way less (I tried to Google this, but no luck. Anyone?). Amazing how the big gorillas can be so sweet and enthralled by the little guy!

Thanks to Cutehead Lauren G. for sharing this cute gorillas watching a caterpillar video with us!

P.S. We have two transports coming up and need help filling a couple legs. Can any of you do these or know someone who might?

Saturday, March 9:
Ormond Beach/Daytona, FL to Jacksonville, FL - around midday
Savannah, GA to Manning, SC - late afternoon
Manning, SC to Fayetteville, NC - late afternoon

Sunday, March 10:
Richmond, VA to Washington DCish area - late morning

Saturday, March 16:
Ocala, FL to Lake City, FL - afternoon

If you can help with one of these, please fill out our transport form:

Thanks, everyone!

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  1. Amazing how small things amuse!

  2. I wonder what they are thinking?

  3. How cute! I'm pretty sure a caterpillars weight is somewhere around an ounce or 2

  4. Probably "what I that thing??? It's cool" o something to that effect lol


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