Jul 10, 2010

Jiggling Cat

I know it's Caturday and all the kitties should be relaxing... but some cats are so determined to keep their feline figures that they can't take a single day off their exercise routines.

Like this cat, who is jiggling along on his iGallup machine. (I didn't know what one was either, so I checked and found it here. Interesting.) I'm not sure if he likes it or not, but I don't know if his human would like it much either! Haha.

Jul 9, 2010

Upside-Down Kitten Gets 4 Paws Up!

What happens when you get a little floofy orange kitten on his little floofy back? You get four floofy (and yummy!) paws in the air!

Sometimes those paws are a food, sometimes they're a toy... but they're always cute!

More kitty bellies, please.

Jul 8, 2010

Cute Kitten Chasing a Piece of String

Can you believe this cute kitten's name is Monster Truck? How funny! I guess they call him Monster for short, which probably makes sense...

He does have a few "monster" moments in his string-chasing video! You'll see.

More kitties with string, please.

Jul 7, 2010

Cowboy Kitties in Tiny Cowboy Hats

Kitties, sometimes there are kittens who MUST be shared. You know the kind: They are too cute for words, probably too cute to stand sturdy on 4 paws and definitely too cute to be hidden!

And that's why, without further ado, Cute brings you extra tiny kittens in extra tiny hats!

Jul 6, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Little Meow and Her New Brother!

OMC, you guys! I think Little Meow found her home!

For the past few days, there has been an all-out "Find Little Meow" effort all across Facebook and Twitter, and I've gotten a couple good leads on possible homes for her because of it. It's been so great to see what we can do when we work together!

Just wow.

But today came the best news of all... Giselle, my friend who said she'd foster Little Meow until she found a forever home (but couldn't keep her because her husband was pushing back), told me that they'd talked about it over the weekend, and that IF Little Meow gets along with her cat, Shongy, then they'd love to keep her!

Little Meow and her hopefully Forever Mommy, Giselle! She loved her RIGHT away!

I wasn't expecting this at all... so you can imagine how big my smile was when I heard it! Little Meow (as long as it works out) could stay local and be in a home where I know she'll get smothered with love and excellent care! Wow, wow, wow.

When I dropped Little Meow off today, she seemed to know she had to make a good impression. I have never, ever seen this little girl be so friendly and so comfortable with someone as quickly as she was with Giselle -- she came right out of her carrier and started rubbing and purring and rolling around and making biscuits! I was totally floored, and so happy that she clearly liked it there.

Just look at this girl! Eyes closed, paws going crazy, halfway rolled over... Happiness!!

Sometimes, the stars just line up and everything seems to fall perfectly in place. I couldn't have dreamed up a better scenario for Little Meow.

I've already emailed back the couple people who contacted me with offers to give her a home, and told them I was incredibly grateful for their offers and asked if I could please keep their info in case this home doesn't work out. I truly appreciate the nice people who offered to take her without even knowing her! She is such a sweetheart, and anyone would be super lucky to have her in their family. :)

Oh, and here is Little Meow's new little big brother, Shongy!

Doesn't he look like a ladies' man? I'm sure they'll get along great! *paws crossed* everyone!

P.S. Is it just me or has this not been the best week ever?! First Black Kitty, then White Kitty and her FIVE kittens... and now Little Meow! Congrats everyone on an amazing rescue week. Be the Change!! :)

Jul 5, 2010

Baby Siamese Serenade

Charlie and Molly have been warming up their little kitty vocal chords to serenade you...

They like to sing in the key of cute. Take it away, kitties!

LITTLE MEOW UPDATE: She is going today to her temporary foster home. One of my best kitty friends (and one of The Meows' first back-up mommies if I ever went on vacation!) is going to babysit the sweet girl until we find her a forever home.

I am SO grateful to foster mommy Giselle for offering to take care of Little Meow. I know she will have the BEST home while she's waiting for her BEST forever home. Meow will have a temporary brother, Shongy, while she's there...I hope they get along! Updates coming soon of her in her foster home... Please keep spreading the word.

For the latest news and updates and pics, please follow my Facebook page, as I update that several times a day: http://www.facebook.com/yourdailycute

Jul 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pimp! (and a Little Meow Update)

Today is a very special day... it's Pimp's birthday!

That's right, 11 years ago, the sweetest, most adorable cat was born -- PIMP! I feel like just yesterday he was this tiny little fuzzball with huge ears and lion paws.

Set off some fireworks, everyone! My birthday is the 4th of July!

I thought I'd embarrass him a little to celebrate: I'm going to share a bunch of his nicknames! (He wouldn't want you to know some of them, hehe.)

Pimp (He was named this because I got him in college and he lived in an apartment with 4 girls.)

Baby Pimp (I still call him this, even though he's no baby.)

Big Pimpin' (Cause he was fat. Was. Can you believe Jay-Z wrote a song for him? Haha.)

Pimpin' All Over the World (Ludacris has a song about Pimp, too!)

Poopie Pimp (You can imagine where this came from...)

Poopie (Shortened from the above, and extra ridiculous by itself.)

The Pimpster (I don't really call him this, but his grandpa does.)

You Little Stinker (Pimp used to fart and literally clear the room.)

I'm sure there are many more -- and I make up new ones all the time! -- but these are the ones I used the most. Don't tell him I told you about all that poopie and stinker stuff...

Can I take this stupid hat off yet???

Update on the update below: Little Meow has a home!

Little Meow says hi, everyone! She's spending the weekend at my parents before going to her foster home tomorrow. I visited her last night and she was so happy to see me!

She is in their upstairs bathroom with a window for sunshine and all. She has her carrier in there and that's where she's spending most of her time (she's a little freaked out), but she has come out for food and the litter box. And she came out to rub and pet and purr with me when I went over! She's such a love.

She is still looking for her forever home. And I appreciate everyone's help and spreading to word. Keep it up!

Oh, and just to show you how nice people are, check it out: BZTAT did a portrait of Little Meow yesterday out of the kindness of her heart to hopefully help her find a home! So now, not only do you get a gorgeous Little Meow, you also get original art of her! (Artwork by BZTAT.)

If you haven't read it yet and seen her video, please see my post about Little Meow here!
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