Oct 30, 2010

Bag Kitty Plays Peek-A-Boo

Now you see him... not you don't! Bags are a blast for cats, and this kitty's made quite the game out of his.

Can someone tell me which value meal # this is on the McDonald's menu, by the way? I'd make a trip to the drive-thru just to get one!

More crazy cats in bags, please.

Oct 29, 2010

Feel-Good Friday: Rescuing Baby Duckies!

A mama duck and her fuzzy little ducklings too refuge in this heated kiddie pool during a rain storm. Seemed smart and warm at the time, until it was time to hop out and the baby duckies couldn't jump high enough to clear the pool wall.

Momma duck stood helplessly quacking at her kids, until (cue superhero music) a nice man decided to jump in and help! The baby ducks would let him grab them, so he had to deploy a little bit of ducky rescue creativity...

The result? A super cute rescue!

Bonus Cute: Watch as a cop stops traffic to help ducks cross the street!

Oct 28, 2010

Cat's Squeaky Escape

*Scroll down for final Iams bowls of food donation results and numbers!*

We've heard of squeezing your way through tight spaces... but squeaking your way through them? Clearly, Amber is a very advanced escape artist if she's even invented her own technique.

That noise you hear? Yes, Amber's human is a little high-pitched, but that squeaking is all Amber. Observe...

Iams bowls of food results!
Wow wow wow, Cuteheads! Last Tuesday, Cute and Iams issued a challenge: For every comment on that post or picture posted on Cute's Facebook page, Iams would donate 25 bowls of food as part of their Home for the Holidays campaign. Well... you all did AWESOME!

Here are the results:
Total comments 350
Total pics posted 74
Grand total 424

And then... as if this wasn't awesome enough, Iams came in at the last minute and announced that they'd match our totals to DOUBLE the donations!

So our new GRAND TOTAL is 848...

Which means our total bowls donated from Your Daily Cute readers is (848 x 25 bowls) an incredible 21,200 bowls of food for shelter animals!!!

Oct 27, 2010

Kitty Cats Playing Patty Cake

There are tons of cute cat videos out there, but every now and then a really special one comes along. Cuteheads, this is definitely one of them!

These two cats playing patty cake are best friends, the video description says, because they grew up on the same street. I'm assuming their owner brought them in off the street... and now they're living happily and playfully ever after!

Oh, and they love to play patty cake... while standing up... with their bellies showing... Which makes me love them even more.

NOTE FROM CUTE: Eek! If the video's not working, don't worry... You can still go watch it here!

Bonus Cute: Here's a ginger cat playing patty cake!

Thanks to Cute's friends Samir and @BZTAT for sharing this cute one!

Oct 26, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Our Halloween Costumes!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today is fun... Pimp and Moo dressed up in their Halloween costumes!

A while ago, we had a vote on what they should be this year. The voting was close, but after a lot of thought (this is an important decision!), we decided that Pimp would be Moo and Moo would be Pimp.


Yup, Pimp dressed up as a cow (cat). And Moo dressed up as a pimp. So funny!

I have spots! And udders... Moo doesn't have those. I make a better cow!

Well, I have a crushed velvet jacket. And zebra stripes. And a pimptastic hat!

Oh yeah? But I have GOOGLY EYES. You're just plain googly.

Me? Googly? Noooo. Boogery, maybe. Hehe, but not googly!

OK, fine. We're even... and both REALLY, really cute!

Pimp and Moo wanted to dress up a little early for Halloween so they could make it for Two Cats Tuesday. I told them it was OK (I mean, really, who am I to argue if they want to be this cute?!). I hope you enjoyed their costumes!

Oh! And we got the cow costume from our favorite shop, NipandBones.com -- there are a bunch of costumes on sale if you want to dress up your own fur babies. :)

Happy Howloween and Meowloween everyone!

Want more? Check out last year's costumes...

Oct 25, 2010

Kitten Chomps a Giant Rat (a toy one, of course!)

Just a silly little Cute to start your week off with a giggle...

Don't let this fluffy white kitten's adorableness deceive you. No sir. Tzipporah (yes, that's her name) has some super chompers on her, and she's not afraid to use them -- especially if you're a particularly delicious-looking stuffed rodent.

Bonus Cute: More cats and rats, please!

Oct 24, 2010

Green Bean Thief!

You can't even get mad at Samus the kitty for stealing your green beans... I mean, she's so healthy about what she steals.

But did she have to run off with the whole bag like a greedy cat burglar?

Bonus Cute: Another vegetarian cat, please.
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