Nov 22, 2008

Roomba Cat Goes for a Little Ride...

As if I didn't want one of these before, this Roomba Cat video makes me really want one now. This cat just hops on his Roomba and cruises around the house...

If I ever got one of these (which, let's face it, I probably won't), I wonder what Pimp would do

a) Be scared of it and hide under the bed like a little fraidy cat.
b) "Get low" and investigate it until he's comfortable, then go for a ride.
c) Hop on for a ride, but crush it beneath his considerable girth.

I'm going with C. Either way, watch the Roomba Cat video -- it's all over the place right now and it's super cute!

And while we're all product-y today, here's a cute slinky cat video to watch next!

Zoo Babies! Baby Animals Slideshow

We all know I love animals, but I absolutely lerrrrve baby animals. (Lerve: To delight in another's existence beyond what can be expressed with a mundane word like love.)

The mini versions are (usually) so much cuter! Check out the Zoo Babies slideshow -- I can't embed it here, but check it out at that link -- and pick your favorite.

If you haven't decided what to get me for Christmas yet, I'll take a baby hippo, a baby zebra and a baby seal. You can keep the baby parrot.


Can't get enough of cute slideshows? Check out the fat animals Obeasts slideshow, too!

Nov 19, 2008

Do All Bunnies Eat Like This?

Because if they do, I want one. And all I'd do all day is feed him.

Kind of reminds me of a juicer or a food processor... You feed it in and it just slowly gets smaller and smaller. Somebody call Jack LaLanne and tell him this bunny's got his Power Juicer beat!

P.S. Click here to see what happens a bunny finishes eating! (It's funny.)

More veggie cuties: Mocha loves broccoli, and so does this kitty!

Nov 18, 2008

Real-Life Furbys!

They came out of a hiding on a mountain in a cloud forest in Indonesia... It's been 85 years since anyone has seen one alive... until now.

Apparently, Furbys are for real.

Scientists and environmentalists and all those types are call them "pygmy tarsiers," but let's be real here: These primates look just like Furbys.

Anyway, welcome back, cute little buddies. We're glad you decided to come out of hiding and say hello after so long. If I'd known you were gone, I would definitely have missed you!

i can haz pwom date?

i can haz pwom date?

Yes! You can have 100 pwom dates!

If only my pwom date was this cute... (Don't tell him. I still talk to him sometimes and don't want him getting all self-conscious and all knowing this really, really cute lolcat is cuter than him.)

funny pictures of cats with captions

Nov 17, 2008

Finally! A Tax Break for Pet Owners

I got this in an email last week and it just cracked me right up.

The formula to calculate your pet tax refund is perfect and priceless, even figuring in a "Snookums Tax" (the number of nicknames you have for your pet) and a "Piranha Credit" for the number of other household pets your pet has destroyed (if lizards and bugs were considered household pets, Pimp would make me a millionaire!).

I so wish this was real. I filled it out for fun and, according to my calculations, I should be getting a $6,290 refund...

(Click on the form to make it bigger.)

Nov 16, 2008

A Sticky Situation: Cat vs. Tape

Before I get started here, let me sneak in a little disclaimer: While I did laugh out loud... by myself... several times... and even thought about "trying this at home," I would never do this to my own cat. However, there's nothing wrong with laughing at something that's already been done, right?

Now, that being said, THIS IS SO FUNNY! This guy puts tape on his cat, and the poor thing just doesn't know what to do. I mean, I knew the cat would probably walk funny (the first tape placed on his back results in what I call "getting low"), but I had no idea that it would get even better if you taped, say, the side of the cat.

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