Nov 22, 2008

Roomba Cat Goes for a Little Ride...

As if I didn't want one of these before, this Roomba Cat video makes me really want one now. This cat just hops on his Roomba and cruises around the house...

If I ever got one of these (which, let's face it, I probably won't), I wonder what Pimp would do

a) Be scared of it and hide under the bed like a little fraidy cat.
b) "Get low" and investigate it until he's comfortable, then go for a ride.
c) Hop on for a ride, but crush it beneath his considerable girth.

I'm going with C. Either way, watch the Roomba Cat video -- it's all over the place right now and it's super cute!

And while we're all product-y today, here's a cute slinky cat video to watch next!


  1. how fun! i think monkey would be scared. vacuums and plastic bags--those are his greatest fears in life.

  2. yes! what is it with plastic bags? pimp runs for his life when i get one out...


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