Dec 27, 2008

Silly Fun: Build a Squid!

Got a few minutes to waste? Build a squid!

I'm not exactly sure what the point of this thing is, but it's a delightful find. To make your squid, you get to pick everything from its body shape and color to its eyeball googliness. Then you give him a nice squishy squid name (I named mine Squishy in a feverish bout of unoriginality) and set him free!

Then you can come back whenever to check up on your squid and see what he's been up to. It's cute, in a who-thinks-of-these-things kind of way.

Make your own squid (and visit Squishy) here.

*Thanks to my new Twitter friend for this squidness!

Dec 25, 2008

Bailey the Reindeer?

Bailey should have been a reindeer, the way he frolics through the snow like this! I bet if Santa saw this video, he's want him to help pull his sleigh.

The snow is piled higher than he is tall, but he's just bouncing and prancing like the happiest Dalmatian there ever was. Which is all the more cute to me, because I've never seen snow...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

*Thanks Marci for bringing the unknown reindeer to The Cute!

Dec 23, 2008

Cats Chasing Tails

If I had a tail, I think I'd chase it around all day, too. I mean, think about it... it's a toy, permanently attached to you! Your parents can't take it away to punish you, you'll never lose it, you don't have to take turns playing with it with your sister or friends -- it's the perfect toy!

This is actually icanhascheezburger's "loliday" card... Cute!

Dec 22, 2008

Cute "Pet" Spotlight: Moo the Kitty

Here's Moo. He's udder-ly fabulous. He showed up on my front porch a couple days ago, and hasn't left since.

He hangs out on my back porch now (that's where I'm feeding him since it's safer away from the street). I put a towel on my Adirondack chair and he's made himself right at home back there...

Moo really is the cutest, most friendly thing. Check out his little spotted sweetness in the video down there.

I wish he had a good inside home! Anyone looking for a perfect kitty?! Please email me!

Be a spotlight! Send me your cute pet pictures!

Dec 21, 2008

All I Want for Christmas is Catnip

All I want for Christmas is a reindeer to show up on my back porch! Do they eat cat food?

funny pictures of cats with captions

Cute Pet Spotlight: Poodle-icious

Meet Chichi and Maxie, two princess poodles from Tampa, Fla. These two supermodels are decked out in their Christmas best -- the latest in faux fur fabulousness.

This is their Christmas portrait, taken atop of two giant gift boxes in Hyde Park. I'm sure Santa will bring these tiny pooches lots of yummy treats and fun toys!

Want your precious pet to be our next Cute Pet Spotlight? Email me pictures and a little bit about them and they can be on Your Daily Cute, too!

Baby's First Bananas

This is my friends Carolina and Ryan's little cutie, Kai... and this is his first time eating bananas. It looks like he can't really decide whether he likes them -- so many cute faces!

They sent me the video a while ago, but it just occurred to me that of course he should be on the cute blog!

Make more videos! :)
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