Oct 9, 2008

Cute Cat Internet Explorer Theme

Now, I don't so much use the IE, but if you do dabble in Internet Explorer, this will make you happy to surf around -- a cute little kitty staring at you all day!

I put it on mine and this is the cuteness that transpired:

Awww... You can get it here. And if you like Firefox better (me! me!), check out the cute cat theme for Firefox I've got going on for that right now.

Two New Mumu Videos!

When I see that my favorite Youtuber, mumucoma, uploads a new video, it just makes my day. This person has the cutest little munchkin Scottish fold kitty!

Today, we're treated to two more videos of this cat that's so cute it hurts.

Then treat yourself to more Mumu here and here!

Oct 8, 2008

Pimp at Sundown

I got home from work today and found Pimp lounging on the couch in the perfect lighting! The sun was going down and coming in the sliding glass doors right on him. He looked like a little king!

So, naturally, I whipped out the camera and we had a little impromptu photo session. Drumroll please....

Oct 5, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness: Save the Tatas!

Hey. Just bought THE BEST thing and wanted to share in case any of y'all are interested, too. It's a Save the Tatas car magnet and part of the profits go to breast cancer research!

It's breast cancer awareness month, and I do love my tatas, so it just seemed to make sense. Well, that and the fact that I'm known for my fairly, um, unique bumper stickers (those of you who knew my dear Wrangler will recall my Jeep Girls Like it Topless and Dirty.)

Anyway, savethetatas.com has tons of other cute stuff like T-shirts and other stickers (like "I Heart my Tatas" and "My Tatas are Awesome") and a portion goes to breast cancer research.

Just doing my good deed for the day. Save the Tatas!!

It's His 93rd Birthday!

More Family Day...

Last night was my great uncle's 93rd birthday party. NINETY THREE YEARS OLD. Whoa.

So we celebrated, and as with every good celebration, you need cake (we heart cake). And with birthday cake comes Happy Birthday.

But, folks, this is not your average Happy Birthday. First of all, my great uncle is damn cute, and second of all, this is Happy Birthday, cuban style.

Happy Behrrrrday...

Grandma Eating Her Ice Cream Cone

It's family day at Your Daily Cute...

The past couple weekends have been big birthdays for the fam, and since I figured out how to make my camera record videos, I have some cute little moments to share.

The first is my grandma eating an ice cream cone. Admittedly, the last time she ate an ice cream cone around us it was MUCH funnier, so I was hoping for some dripping and general silliness. Not so much, really. But she is darn cute, and the ice cream was delicious.

This is us at the ice cream place for my mom's 50th birthday (grams is her mom). And the video is a little dark, but gimme a break; it was nighttime.

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