Jan 24, 2009

Baby Red Panda - Cute Picture!

Sweet Samuel!
Originally uploaded by saulesmeit
Awww! Just look at his little face.

He's a 5-month old baby red panda, but doesn't he kind of look like a cute raccoon, only reddish? He could hang out at my apartment complex's dumpster and fit right in with the other critters...

(Except this guy's cuter. And probably friendlier, no doubt.)

Hungry Kitty

Another example of Kitty Rule #147...

This is a hungry kitty, and he is serious about his muffin.

That's MY Food, Dog.

Kitty Rule #147: Never get between a kitty and his food.

This dog is learning the hard way...

Then, see how humans learn their lesson, too.

Jan 19, 2009

The Mean Kitty Song

This is a classic!

Hey little kitty...
What's with all the fight...
Little bitty kitty wanna bite, bite, bite!

Sparta the Mean Kitty is a youtube sensation -- he's got TONS of videos, and they're all so cute!

Just figured I'd put up this video after hearing some unfortunate news about him. According to his youtube page, poor Sparta has been diagnosed with feline leukemia. :(

The good news is that he doesn't seem to be in any pain and is still playing around like usual and all. And his owners are looking into long-term solutions to keep him healthy. Yay Sparta!

Your Daily Cute is cheering you on to stay happy, healthy and cute!

Jan 18, 2009

How Cats Wake Up Their Owners (cute animation!)

I'm pretty sure this is precisely how it goes down. Somehow the cat was annoying enough to wake you up, but then he's so darn cute...

Another Simon's Cat cartoon, please.

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