Jan 3, 2009

Sneaky Raccoon Steals Door Mat

Some people are scared of raccoons, what with all the rabies and scabies and garbage-eating tendencies... but I think they're cute. In fact, if I this was happening in my house, I'd watch it go down, too, and gladly let the guy run off with my welcome mat.

What is he planning on doing with it anyway? Maybe he's redecorating his burrow (where do raccoons live?). Clearly, though, we underestimate a raccoon's sneakiness...


  1. Not only did he steal the doormate he stole the video too!

  2. whoops - that was supposed to be doormat!

  3. I love raccoons! My family used to feed them on our back porch. We discovered a whole family when we caught them in the bird-eater (where birds came to eat and, um, be eaten by our cats, who never caught birds) one night. After that my mother always put out food for them to eat so they wouldn't have to steal the birds' food.

  4. That is hysterical! Imagine if the raccoon had come inside - now THAT would have been an adventure! 


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