Nov 28, 2009

Baby Goats Sheep Surfing!

This little goat is totally tubular, dude. Just catch a sheep and hang hoof, little buddy!

I bet Pricilla has seen some stuff like this before...

Note from Cute: See that Santa Paws Drive widget on my sidebar? If you haven't already heard, it's a charity drive I helped start to raise toys and treats to give to shelter animals for the holidays! For more info, click on the widget!

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Nov 27, 2009

Dog's Stick Won't Fit Through Doggie Door

Toby wants to play with his stick! Toby wants to play with his stick outside! There's only one problem... Toby's stick is way bigger than the doggie door.

I bet she opened the door for him right away. Yay, Toby!

Nov 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Cute!

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends!

While we're all enjoying our turkey today, let's not forget to show our family and friends how much we love them -- like this kitty.

See? Not all birds are meant to be eaten; some are meant to be loved. :) Will Donate 5 Cents for Everyone Who Follows @SantaPawsDrive!

As one of the team members behind Santa Paws Drive, Your Daily Cute is donating 5 cents for every person who follows @SantaPawsDrive on Twitter -- up to 4,000 followers!

Santa Paws Drive's mission is to bring holiday cheer and presents to shelter animals who are often overlooked during the holidays. Pets who are lucky enough to have forever homes are showered with gifts and love, while our furry friends in shelters miss out...

Through Santa Paws Drive, six shelters worldwide will get great holiday care packages full of toys and treats, plus an additional cash donation for each! Our goal is to put some big smiles on the faces of as many shelter cats and dogs as we can!

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Nov 25, 2009

Can I Borrow a Cup of Cat?

A cup of cat? OK, that might have been a stretch, but I was really trying hard not to title this one 2 Cats, 1 Cup. You understand. :)

These two Maine Coons are Roxy and Rambo J. Licious, and they love their Ceaser's Palace cup. Here's the game: Stick your head in the cup. That's it. Even a kitten could do it!

Then check out another game: Ginger Kitty Patty Cake!

Also, if you haven't already, please check out Santa Paws Drive -- a charity drive I'm co-sponsoring to raise toys and treats for shelter animals for the holidays! Shelter babies need holiday love, too!

Nov 24, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Baby Pimp and Gotcha Moo!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday! Pimp and Moo are thrilled to be back on the Cute this week! (They weren't feeling very "cute" last week. Poor babies had tapeworms, but they're better now.)

Today I'm going to do what every proud mommy does -- show baby pictures! Unfortunately, Pimp came along before digital cameras were huge (to me, at least) and I've switched computers three times since then, so a lot of his baby pictures are lost somewhere... but I do have a few!

Moo was a rescue baby (bless his little cow-cat butt) who showed up on my back porch and adopted me when he was already over a year old, so I don't have official baby pictures of him -- but I do have "before he came inside" pictures that are oh-so-cute.

Without further ado... Let's start out with Baby Pimp!

And here he is being wild with the door frame. I can't get over how tiny he was. And look at his black nose -- it's pinkish orange now! Is this normal? (Whatever it is, I know it's CUTE.)

This is my little guy when he was just a tiny baby. He's about the size of that bear now... if not bigger!

Look! This is him and the same bear now. Can you believe it?! (And leave my dingy bear alone... I've had him forever and he's staying forever. Hmph!)

And now Moo's "when I was still an outside kitty without a home" pictures. He was a little over a year old then. It's been almost a year since I decided he was mine and brought him inside, and he's gotten so chunky and healthy since then!

This is where he spent almost all his time in the three weeks he was working on adopting me -- in my purple Adirondack chair on my back porch. I set up him with a towel, food, water, a box in case it got cold or windy...

Here's Moo wanting to be inside so bad. He broke my little heart. How could someone not love that crazy cat?!

The face that melted me. Here he is staring inside from my back porch through the screen. Such a love! I am the luckiest person in the world that he picked my porch to camp out on. :)

Hope you enjoyed the boys' baby pictures! Come back next week for more Two Cats Tuesday!

Special note from Cute: If you didn't already know, is one of the team members behind Santa Paws Drive. So excited about this project! We're helping bring holiday cheer and toys to shelter animals for the holidays.

We had such a great day yesterday... Santa Paws Drive made the News section of! See their story on us here: First-Ever Santa Paws Drive to Raise Toys for Shelter Pets

Nov 23, 2009

3 Cats, 1 Steak

Three kitties chomp it out in the ultimate Battle for the Beef... the Steak Tug-of-War... the Sirloin Standoff! (OK, I'm done. Promise.)

To the winner go the noms!

Nov 22, 2009

Kitty Cat Sign Language

Snoopy here has developed his own kind of cat sign language to communicate. According to his owner, whenever he is out of food, water or wants a toy or something, this is how he asks for it...

Another begging kitty, please.

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