Nov 26, 2009 Will Donate 5 Cents for Everyone Who Follows @SantaPawsDrive!

As one of the team members behind Santa Paws Drive, Your Daily Cute is donating 5 cents for every person who follows @SantaPawsDrive on Twitter -- up to 4,000 followers!

Santa Paws Drive's mission is to bring holiday cheer and presents to shelter animals who are often overlooked during the holidays. Pets who are lucky enough to have forever homes are showered with gifts and love, while our furry friends in shelters miss out...

Through Santa Paws Drive, six shelters worldwide will get great holiday care packages full of toys and treats, plus an additional cash donation for each! Our goal is to put some big smiles on the faces of as many shelter cats and dogs as we can!

See the counter widget on the Cute's sidebar to see how much we've raised so far!

How can you help?
It's easy to donate toys or money! Simply visit and click either "Cash" or "Gifts." Simply choose the toys, treats or dollar amount you'd like to give!

There are no shipping charges for any of the items purchased for Santa Paws Drive!

Support Santa Paws Drive and help us make this holiday a great one for the animals by telling your friends and following @SantaPawsDrive, becoming a fan on Facebook and making your own donation today!

You can also get great Santa Paws Drive badges and widgets to post on your own blog!


  1. Dis pawsome!! I hopes we brings joy to all da homeless kitties and doggies!


  2. We are following and glad those animals get a little more money.

  3. this is so cool there cute i LOVE dogs cats hamsters and most all anmail


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