Oct 23, 2010

Corgi Belly Flop

Cooper the Corgi is at the lake for his first swimming lesson...

Life vest? Check! Big brother Lab to show you how it's done? Check! Human who's willing to jump in with you to teach you? Check!

Now all Cooper needs is to find his inner daredevil doggie to give him the courage to actually get in the water... Oh, and maybe some diving lessons. Just a thought. Flop!

Oct 22, 2010

Cute Swimming Surprise

I'm not a fan of fishing, but if these were the kinds of things you caught, I might be able to get more excited about it...

An adorable kitten swam right up to this fisherman, and was immediately taken home and fed. Yay, kitty, for braving the water and getting a home out of it! :)

I hate to think that some mean person probably dumped this perfect baby at that lake, but it's probably what happened. I'm just really, really, really glad the kitty was so smart and swam to such a caring person. :)

Thanks to Cute's friend @ceejness for sharing this adorable video story! Originally posted on acidcow.com.

Oct 21, 2010

Kitten Riding a Turtle

If you're not in any kind of hurry, I suppose a turtle would be a nice, relaxing thing to catch a ride on... especially if you're a fluffy kitten just out cruising for cute.

I bet all the other cute kitties are jealous of this little guy's smooth ride.

P.S. Don't forget, you still have time to leave a comment on Tuesday's post -- for each comment, Iams is going to donate 25 bowls of food the shelter animals as part of their Iams Home for the Holidays campaign! Go there now! :)

Oct 20, 2010

Cutest Sleeping Puppy Ever!

I bet this little puppy must be having the absolute best dream, what with all his little noises, wiggles, chirps and baby barks... and even a little arrrroooooo!

All this, and he's napping in a lap! With a little doll! I promise you will melt when you see this cute sleeping puppy video.

Thanks to Cute's friends at TheKittenCrew.com for sharing this adorably sleepy puppy video!

Oct 19, 2010

Two Cats Tuesday: Pimp and Moo Want to Help!

*Come comment! For every comment on this post, Iams will donate 25 bowls of food to shelter pets!*

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today we have a very special event going on -- Cute and Iams have teamed up to help feed shelter animals. As part of Iams Home for the Holidays campaign, they have stepped up and are going to donate 25 bowls of food for every single comment left on this post!

Pimp and Moo want you to tell your friends, your family, your cats, your dogs, your ferrets and bunnies. Tell your donkeys and goats and alpacas! Everyone come comment and make a difference!

Pimp says leave a comment and help!

Iams' Home for the Holidays runs from Oct. 1 through Jan. 4 and their main goal is to help place 1.5 million orphaned pets into homes this holiday season. (Wow, that's a lot of forever homes!) This is the 12th year of the annual adoption drive, and the first year they've decided to launch the Bags 4 Bowls program to go with it.

Bags 4 Bowls is what you can help with right here, right now!

“Our core mission has been and remains to reduce pet homelessness through adoption," said Maria Beatriz Rodriguez, Iams general manager. "However we want to empower everyone to get involved and make difference so we created the Bags 4 Bowls program.

"Our goal is to find homes for 1.5 million animals and provide 5 million bowls of food – that’s a lot of permanent homes and meals for millions of deserving animals.”

Moo says he will swat you with his NIP cane if you don't comment!

There are TWO ways you can help:

1. Leave a comment on this blog post
anytime between now and Tues., Oct 26. Each comment = 25 bowls of food! (And tell your friends to come comment, too!)

2. Post a picture of your adopted pet on Cute's Facebook page and tag Iams in your description. (To do this, simply "Like" Iams page first, then when you go to post on Cute's Facebook page, type @Iams and it will let you select their page from mine. This is how they'll keep track. I'll post more info on Facebook to explain this better...) You can do this until Oct. 26th, too!

So, two ways to help. Everyone can do both if they want. Whatever you can do will help. Pimp and Moo say thanks for helping us help the animals!

Oct 18, 2010

A Kitten, a Ball and a Tub

I'm sure this video needs no introduction after the title (and I could watch it all day!), but let me just gush for a minute over how adorable Farrah the kitten is...

She is a floofy, smokey black foster kitten over at The Creek Cats. She'll be there for a few more days until she goes to her rescue, and if you ask me, someone is going to be very, very, VERY lucky to have her as their new family member! What an adorable little thing.

More gorgeous glamour shot pictures of Farrah (must see!) over at her Creek Cat's post. :)

P.S. Make sure to come by tomorrow for a very exciting thing Cute has cooking! You'll be glad you did. Promise.

A Kitten, A Ball and a Bath Tub from My Fosters on Vimeo.

Oct 17, 2010

Purring Cougar Kitten

Cougar kittens might be bigger than regular kittens, but that just means they purr bigger, knead bigger and maybe nibble bigger on their edge of their beds when they're happy!

Get ready for a big dose of cute...

Cute disclaimer: This cougar kitten is in a home, according to the video's site, Big Cat Haven, but that doesn't mean Cute thinks it's necessarily OK to own exotic pets like this. That said, the video was too darn cute not to share!
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