Oct 19, 2008

Your Daily Wag - Pet News

Does this name sound familiar to anyone else?? Hmmm... Can't quite put my paw on it...

Anyway, this is a really cute site (it's on petstyle.com), and they're doing a little news kind of deal called Your Daily Wag where an animated doggy dishes the daily scoop.

Annual Blessing of the Animals at St. John's

How cute would this have been to go to? Every year, St. John's the Divine in New York has a service for the "blessing of the animals." Apparently other churches do this also, but the kicker with this one is that any animal is welcome...

When I saw it on the news, there was even an elephant in the audience! But mostly the pews were full of paws (I know, I know). Anyway, here's a video I found on YouTube of it:

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