Feb 28, 2009

This Girl's Got Disco Fever!

Remember the little girl who told the cutest fairy tale ever? Well, here she is all funkdafied.

If I don't see her in movies when she grows up, I'm going to be very, very disappointed.

*Special thanks to Evyan for finding more videos of this cute little girl!

Splish Splash, Luke was Taking a Shower

Luke is not your regular cat. Most cats haaate the water, but not Luke. Whenever Luke's mom starts up the shower, he races from whenever he is and jumps right in.

Nothing makes us smile like a soggy kitty...

In Loving Memory: Gizmo (That Big Fat Girl)

I'm sure many of you noticed I didn't post any new "cutes" yesterday... We're back to our regularly scheduled flood of cuteness today, but before that, I wanted to take a couple minutes to tell you a little about one of the best cats to ever bless us humans with her presence.

It was a little bit of a rough day for me and the rest of the the Your Daily Cute family yesterday -- after 18 years of total love, it was time to make the hardest, most unselfish decision any pet-lover hates to make. Gizmo (which I'll call her for simplicity, but she had one of the longest list of nicknames a cat ever collected -- my personal go-to favorite being Big Fat Girl) was ready to go to the Rainbow Bridge, and out of pure love, it was up to us to help her get there easily.

It was the right decision, but that doesn't ever mean it's easy... We'll definitely miss her, but I hear there's unlimited treats and catnip toys there, so I know she's happy.

This pretty princess came into our lives when I was only 10, so basically she was like another sister. From the beginning, she adopted me as her favorite (not that she didn't have enough love to spread around to my parents and sister, but I always believed she loved me just a little more...). So cute!

One of the cutest things I looked forward to every day as I got a little older was waking up to get ready for school. As soon as my alarm would go off, Big Fatters (there's a theme here, no?) would dash up the stairs and stand by my door, staring at the door knob and waiting for me to emerge and give her some lovin'. Then she'd follow me around all morning or hang out on my bed until it was time to go.

Gizzy was also quite the adventurer. She was a lucky cat who owned a pretty nice backyard, with fences tall enough to protect her from the baddies out there. She could spend hours out there hunting, lounging in the sun, eating grass (bad Gizzy!) and generally just being happy. She was inside cat, but supervised adventures in the backyard were something she looked forward to every day.

Big Gizzy was also extremely partial to treats (which was cutely obvious by the pooch that swayed around a little when she walked). Any flavor will do, but in the past few years she'd been enjoying some cute little high-fiber treats (doctor's orders, yet delicious!).

It's Gizmo who me and my family credit for making us all the the way we are today. Whatever she did to flip our internal switches from people who have cats to "Crazy Cat People" I'll never know specifically, but she did... and now I feed every cat that walks by my car, to my front porch, back porch, office parking lot, random parking lot (shout out to the cat at Target!) and anywhere else you can think of.

When I went off to college, I missed having a cat around so much that I almost immediately adopted a son of my own (Pimp!). Since my sister has adopted two cats of her own, my parents have taken in another and there are many, many rescue cats and kittens that have found homes directly because of one of us Crazy Cat People.

When it comes to cats, Gizmo was the queen, and she'll always be in our hearts just like that. It'll be a little tough for a while whenever I go visit my parents without her around in the house -- she's always just been there. We were lucky enough to have her for 18 happy years, and no one could ask for more.

Tomorrow I'm running a marathon in Tampa, Florida, and I'll be wearing her little heart nametag from her collar on my necklace. Just figured she'd like to follow me around one last time... :)

Love you, Gizzy!

Feb 26, 2009

Hilarious Baby Party

Holy patience.

I'm sure this seemed like a good idea at first: Hey, let's get all the kiddies together on the couch with awkward birthday hats on!

And then they actually do it, and hilarity ensues.

Moo is a Snob

This is my cat, Moo. If you don't know Moo's story, I saved him from the big, bad outside after he took up residence on my back porch for three weeks, slowly working his little paws into my heart.

Finally, I caved and brought his 8-pound cow-looking butt in. And this is the thanks I get -- I call him over, and he makes his grand entrance... and his unceremonious exit.

No, really, I love Moo. Every day I think of another reason why I'm glad I brought him in. If I had a bigger house, it'd be a farm in here.

The Science of Cute

There is much to be learned here, people...

We think it's cute, but why? Watch to find out why we're such suckers for awwwww...

(And I promise you'll awww at least 8 times watch it.)

Christian the Lion: New News!!

Oh, people... I'm so excited about this one! I just got an email from Amazon saying that there's a book about Christian the Lion coming out!

It's for young readers, but I don't care. I'll still get it -- this is one of the most heart-warming, sweetest stories I've ever heard.

Here's the Christian the Lion video that got me loving him so long ago...

Feb 25, 2009

Ever Seen a Platypus?

You know, I've never seen a real platypus before -- not even in a video I don't think... until now!

And you know what? Platypuses are cute!

This particularly precious platypus (say that 10 times fast) has a special story. He was rescued and saved and then released back into the nice, safe water. Watch him scramble!

To Sniff or Not to Sniff?

This curious cat doesn't quite know what to make of gum.

Maybe just a quick sniff... Ooh, no! Retreat! Retreat! Well, maybe just one more sniff to be sure... Whoooooa! That's strong stuff. OK, well maybe if I just bat it around a little.

Talking Dog: I Want My Mama...

Oh, what a sweet little thing...

Of course you can have your Mama, honey!

Sleepy Kitty Goes Belly-Up

Just look at his little paws all curled up like that!

This is Dunslo, and he is very, very sleepy...

Feb 24, 2009

Why We Call It "Nom"

Nomming: The act of partaking of nom.
Wow, that food is nommy! It's nom-nom time! More nom, please.

And here's why we got the word from...

The Great Gopher Pile-Up

These funny gophers remind me of clowns in a clown car -- how many of them are in there?!

At least they're smart, and use the big daddy gopher on the bottom. You need a nice solid support base to built such a phenomenal pile of critters...

Cat Shows Reporter Who's Boss

No cats were harmed in the filming of this report... we can't say the same for humans.

It goes to show, though, cats know. After the, um, incident, the woman says, "I'm not a cat person." We can tell, lady. And so does the cat.

The moral of the story: Be a cat person or face the consequences. ;)

*Thanks to YourDailyCute's Twitter friend ByDezin for the scoop!

Cat Wants Some Milk... Now.

Don't I look cute? Can I have some milk? Look, I'm right in front of my milk saucer... wouldn't it be great if you put some milk in here?

Milk, human. What don't you get? You put the milk HERE. Right HERE. In MY BOWL.

Milk! Milk! Milk! Milk!

*Thanks to YourDailyCute's Twitter friend mishakidd for sharing this!

Dreaming Puppy

Sweet dreams are made of... puppies!

Reasons why I want to eat this puppy:

1. As you all know, extreme closeups kill me.
2. His little tongue!
3. That thing his "eyebrows" are doing.

Total cuteness overload.

Feb 23, 2009

3 Purritos!

Three purritos to go, please!

I wonder if they're on the dollar menu...

funny pictures of cats with captions

Feb 22, 2009

Catch the Buzz: Slow-Mo Bee

I don't know if this officially qualifies as cute, but it kind of made me aww... and as far as I'm concerned, aww = cute.

Plus, it's pretty cool.

Pet Oscars: Animals on the Red Carpet

If you get bored with the real Oscars on TV tonight...

I love this little Oscar Red Carpet spoof! Pawnelope Cruz, Nicole Kittyman and -- Ooh! Ooh! There's Brad Pitbull (swoon).

18 Dalmatian Puppies!

I will admit that I had a bit of a 101 Dalmatians fetish growing up. I had the movie, erasers, keychains, can't remember if I had a stuffed dalmatian, and when McDonald's featured them as Happy Meal toys... holy junk. I ate a Happy Meal for lunch every single day to collect the them all (I was 16 at the time, but it made me happy and that's the point right?).

So this little story put a huge smile on my face! There aren't quite 101 of them, but who's counting? What a cute bucket o' dalmatian pups!

Bob the Hamster and a Spaghetti

First: Bob is an awesome name for a hamster.

Second: Bob can seriously put away some pasta. They say he's never had spaghetti before, but I don't know... Looks like he's a pasta professional to me!

i are cute kitten

They sure are cute when they're little, huh?

Been talking a lot with my Twitter friends about everyone's baby kitten pictures, so this is right on time!

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