Feb 21, 2009

Talking Cat Noses...

So yesterday I dug up Pimp's baby pictures (Gawd he was cute!) and noticed something I never noticed before: His nose used to be black!

Now it's this bright orangish-reddish color -- and it's one of his cutest features. How did I never notice that it wasn't always like that?

It got me wondering... Is this normal? Do cats' noses commonly change color?

Hello, Google. But my dependable friend failed me here. After googling all kinds of combinations of terms, the closest I got to an answer was a discussion on Flickr where a few ladies (crazy cat, no doubt) came to the conclusion that yes, it happens sometimes but it's rare.

So now we more proof that my man Pimp is a rare gem. :)


  1. Now that just downright catfounding, er, confounding! my nose has always been pink, as are my footie pads.

    The Brew
    (Brewskie Butt, c/o BZTAT)

  2. I know! And I can't believe I can't find any real info on it. Maybe I'll ask the vet (shhh! bad word!) next time we go...

  3. awe! baby Pimp is so cute! maybe he's been using a skin lightener while you're away? heh.

  4. I doubt it. Pimp is not high maintenance. He knows he's perfect just how he is. :)


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