Sep 20, 2008

Wear Your Diaper to Work Day? Huggies Commercial

One more for "commercial" day at Your Daily Cute...

Apparently there's nothing in the world that a soft diaper can't fix. So next time you're having a bad day, maybe you should just put on your big girl diaper and deal with it.

Like that? Check out the rubber ducky Huggies commercial, too!

Sweet Dog's Revenge -- Cute Commercial

It's "commercial" day at Your Daily Cute, and we're kicking it off with a nice, inspiring story. Makes me want to be blind so I can have this dog. Well, not really, but you'll see.

I wanted to cry watching this commercial! What a sweet little puppy... and such a sweet ending!

Sep 19, 2008

Stealth Ninja Cat

More for our apparent "when cats attack" theme...

You think you can hide from this ninja cat? You think you're safe? You underestimate his sneakiness. Shhh... be vewy vewy quiet...

(Plus the face at the end in perfect.)

*Thanks to Marci for passing on this cutie!

Sep 18, 2008

Pussy Cat vs. Printer... ATTACK!

Oh, no. I can't... If this cat stands up one more time... I'm going to lose it.

Anyway, my printer has pissed me off on more than one occasion, and I've certainly felt like beating the junk out of it -- but I've never actually done it. I'll let you see who wins...

More from the Cute Black Kid...

More from my son. Well, I hope my son will be this cute as this.

This is another insurance company commercial, but it's not about the commercial, it's about the little kid!! He is just the cutest thing.

And when you're done, see even more the cute black kid!

Sep 17, 2008

Trampoline Doggie!

This doggie just looks like he's having so much fun!

Makes me want to jump on a trampoline, too (seriously, how long has it been?!)... And I'm going to pretend that each bark is a "Weeeeee!" because that's what I would be saying.

Go doggie, go doggie!

Sep 14, 2008

Talking Cat (he's OK...)

I have no idea what this cat is saying, but I REALLY wish I spoke kitty. Because he has something he really, really wants us to know and we're missing out.

And just a side note: This kitty is totally OK. The video's description and the comments say he is totally fine and probably just has something like a treat waving over his head.

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