Jan 3, 2009

Homeless Man Cuddling Dog

Wow. This is one of those pictures that just really touches you.

Looking at it, I'm a little sad and a little happy all at the same time. It's a heart-breaking picture that shows so much love.

Great, great shot. It's tough to see homeless pets -- not that it isn't tough to see homeless people, too, it's just that the pets can't do anything about it... I hope they have a nice, warm comfy place to sleep for cold nights.

UPDATE: I just did a little more reading and, as it turns out, this man's family was looking for him for almost two years. They saw this photo, and posted a comment asking for help finding him -- and they are now reunited! Makes the story even better. :)

Sneaky Raccoon Steals Door Mat

Some people are scared of raccoons, what with all the rabies and scabies and garbage-eating tendencies... but I think they're cute. In fact, if I this was happening in my house, I'd watch it go down, too, and gladly let the guy run off with my welcome mat.

What is he planning on doing with it anyway? Maybe he's redecorating his burrow (where do raccoons live?). Clearly, though, we underestimate a raccoon's sneakiness...

Jan 2, 2009

I Like Big Mutts

Aw, what love! Give us a little hug, pretty kitty.

Classic Sir Mix-a-Lot, cutified.

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Aww... Thanks to our Heroes

Found this and can't help but awwww at it.

Also, you can get a free "In Case of Fire or Emergency" Animals Inside! sticker from the ASPCA. I have one on my window, because God forbid something ever happened, I want someone to be Pimp's hero, too.

Thank you!

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Beatboxing Birdie

Daaaaaayum. This cockatiel's got mad skillz, yo.

Dec 31, 2008

Bambi and Thumper Really Do Exist!

I got these beautiful pictures in an email and wanted to share...

This is a awww-inspiring story of how a deer and a wild rabbit came to love each other and be best friends. You see, the fawn was rescued after its mother was hit by a car and killed. The rescuers brought him to be bottle-fed and cared for until it became big and strong.

The deer was lonely without other deer around to play with, until a wild rabbit showed up one day. The two stayed at a safe distance for a while at first, but then became comfortable with each other and eventually grew such a tight bond that they were rarely seen apart.

Here are the pictures from the email. They're taken by a woman named Tanja Askani, and her Web site is where I got the story to go with the pictures.

They're beautiful, and I love nature for providing such perfect and sweet stories...

Here's another cute deer story, too...

*Thanks to Evyan for forwarding me this sweet email!

Dec 30, 2008

How to Win at Toy Crane Machines

We all know they're rigged. The cute little pink elephant you want is stuffed just so, making it so that no matter how many quarters or tokens you feed the thing, that crane will always almost pick it up. And then you feel like you have to stuff another quarter in because, hey, you were this close and surely you'll get it the next time!

Well, for all of you out there who never get did get that cute little pink elephant, allow this child to show you how it's really done.

Puppy Pilot

Captain Kibbles reminds me of Snoopy the Red Baron...

It is one thing to simply dress up your pet -- it's quite another to go to this level of fully accessorizing. I'm impressed (and you know I know how to properly dress an animal).

As far as I'm concerned, this furry fighter pilot is #1 for takeoff.

Funny Elephant

Live on the scene from the Wherever-They're-At Zoo, this reporter is no doubt feeling a little inferior about the size of his trunk.

Dec 29, 2008

Psycho Puppies vs. Cute Kitten

Aw, what a cute little bunch of puppies. So sleepy. So sweet. So... WATCH OUT, KITTY!

I love the music they used for this. It would be good on its own, but the music makes it even better. Absolutely perfect.

Spoiler alert: The kitty makes it out OK. The toy -- not so sure.

More cute puppies 24/7: New Shiba Inu puppy cam! Yay!

Dec 28, 2008

How to Choose the Perfect Sponge

Step one: Get a hedgehog.
Step two: Allow him to, ahem, test the sponges.
Step three: Wash away.

And here I was choosing by which sponge was the prettiest color... Who knew?

Cute Dog Popping Balloons

Simon is a clown's worst nightmare -- he's as fierce a balloon-popper as they come! In fact, he can kill 74 evil balloons in less than a minute.

The cute part is that he's clearly been trained to do this. It's a special skill, no doubt, that his owners cultivate regularly by setting up "palates" of balloons and cheer him on as he unleashes a fury on them.

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