Dec 31, 2008

Bambi and Thumper Really Do Exist!

I got these beautiful pictures in an email and wanted to share...

This is a awww-inspiring story of how a deer and a wild rabbit came to love each other and be best friends. You see, the fawn was rescued after its mother was hit by a car and killed. The rescuers brought him to be bottle-fed and cared for until it became big and strong.

The deer was lonely without other deer around to play with, until a wild rabbit showed up one day. The two stayed at a safe distance for a while at first, but then became comfortable with each other and eventually grew such a tight bond that they were rarely seen apart.

Here are the pictures from the email. They're taken by a woman named Tanja Askani, and her Web site is where I got the story to go with the pictures.

They're beautiful, and I love nature for providing such perfect and sweet stories...

Here's another cute deer story, too...

*Thanks to Evyan for forwarding me this sweet email!


  1. i want a pair. don't you?

  2. Yes. At the very least. Maybe two pairs.

  3. maybe we should be like them just cause we look different we still can get along great pictures thanks


  4. I got this email a while back & I have saved it. I absolutely love it!!!


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