Dec 4, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: The Treat Claw!

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! Today we have a very dramatic film, starring Pimp himself. It's got action, weapons, desire and happy ending. Possibly the perfect film.

So, without further ado... I present to you The Treat Claw.

P.S. Tomorrow I have such a story to share with you! If you friends with me on Facebook, you've seen some of it. If not, just prepare yourself... This might be one of the most wonderful things I've ever seen people come together for!

P.P.S. Santa Paws Drive is starting on Friday!

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Dec 1, 2014

Pimp Playing Like a Kitten!

This video makes me happier than anything in the world! Look how much better Pimp is feeling... He's playing just like a silly kitten!

He's always loved the little mice that come in the multi-packs the most out of any toy ever. I call them his "peanuts" because he chews and plays with them until almost all the fur is either gone or falling off and it's just the little plastic peanut left. :)

When he was younger, he'd play fetch with them and bring them right back! Every time!

I love this so much!

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Nov 27, 2014

Pimp Got Thanksgiving Turkey!

Hi Cuteheads! Happy (late) Thanksgiving to everyone!

Today I am most thankful that Pimp is doing well and is feeling so much better. He is feeling like himself again, and I am just so happy about it. He gave me a scare a few weeks ago!

And so one of my biggest priorities at Thanksgiving dinner was to make sure that I brought back some turkey for him! He loves turkey!

And of course I took a video of him eating some... He almost bit my finger he was so excited!

In the video, you can see his special haircut from when he had the ultrasound last week. He skin is so soft there! :)

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Nov 11, 2014

Pimp Update: He's Got Some Stuff Going On

Hi Cuteheads! I always try to keep you all up to date on how the boys are doing. A couple weeks ago, the update was all clear, but this week we've got a bit of a situation with Pimp.

Last week I noticed that he wasn't really as active as usual, and just not really doing a lot of his normal routine -- like not jumping on the counter when I take a shower, not coming to the kitchen to help "fix" breakfast and dinner and just really sleeping around a lot more and seeming extra lazy. He also wasn't really eating.

So Thursday we went to the vet. The poor guy was down to 7 pounds! He has been holding steady right at about 8.0 to 8.2 for the past couple years. So obviously, the food thing was a issue.

Even at the vet, I still look handsome!
We did a bunch of tests, full blood work and a urinalysis. He has just had it all done last month and it came back great, but things can happen in old kitties, so we wanted to check.

Turns out he has a urinary tract infection, and some gingivitis in his mouth. The doctor felt that the combination of those two were making him feel like he did and not wanting to eat. So we boosted him up with an antibiotic shot and we went home with Clavamox for me to give him twice a day for a couple weeks.

Yesterday I called the vet to see if he should be feeling much better by now, because it had been several days and, while he was eating a little bit more (I'm talking like 10 kibbles in a sitting), it wasn't enough to sustain anycat. I've been such a helicopter mom the past week that I do nothing but worry.

This is my fort. I've been hanging out in here a lot lately.
So since he wasn't really picking up on the eating more, we went to the vet Monday morning again. This time he weighed 6.8 pounds. No good, Pimpy! Obviously he wasn't eating enough.

The vet feels that he's still not all done with the UTI and that he's feeling a little better (he is eating something at least and definitely perkier), but that he needs to eat more, or else it would really be no good.

So we decided that he can eat WHATEVER HE WANTS. He's 15, and he's the king. If he wants tuna sashimi, the vet said, let him have it! Whatever makes him eat, that's the most important thing right now.

My vet visit Monday. You mean I can eat ANYTHING?!
You remember he's been eating the Hill's y/d food to control his hyperthyroid (and that has worked out great!). We're pretty much letting that go, because between the battles we're fighting right now, the eating so he doesn't wither away is the most important one. We don't want to start him on hyperthyroid meds either because they can have side effects and make him nauseous, and we don't want him feeling any more ick right now. He has thrown up a couple times in the past week from just what's going on already.

So we went home and he dined on Fancy Feast for lunch, followed by Greenies for dessert. He hasn't been allowed to have treats for years, and he LOVES them. Best. Day. Ever!

I also bought him canned kitten food so that he gets more calories, and several other packs of healthy-ish treats. He had about half a can of the Fancy Feast kitten tonight! That's huge! He hasn't eaten that much in a long time.

Stay away from my Fancy Feast, lady.
So, paws crossed for Pimpy, please everyone. I love this old man so much, and we're doing what's best for him right now. Hopefully he starts gaining some weight and feeling better, and then we'll see where we go from there.

In the meantime... I hope he doesn't become TOO fancy with his demands. Tuna sashimi is a bit of a stretch for a kitty! ;)

You may smooch my face. ;)
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Oct 30, 2014

Pimp, Moo and Phantom's Halloween Costumes!

Happy Halloween! As with every holiday (much to these kitties joy!), everyone dressed up! And this was Phantom's first Halloween, so that made it even more special.

I had my doubts about whether I could get them to all sit still together long enough for a group picture, but I did it! And not only that... but there's video also!

Seriously. I can't handle it. They are so darn cute!

Let's talk about Pimp first... He is some sort of dragon. I know this because it has wings, but the puffball threw me off a little. Either way, we all know the best part of a kitty costume is the head piece!

As usual, I am thrilled.
I am a mighty (scrawny) dragon!

Then Moo. Moo is a pumpkin because it fits his rotund figure quite nicely. He is the only one who had trouble getting the velcro to fasten underneath his belly... He's clearly been gaining weight for this role as a pumpkin for quite a while now.

I am so dapper in anything I wear, am I not?

And Phantom... This was his first Halloween, and his first time dressing up (that I know of, at least. I have no idea what his former "family" did with him).

And he was such a good sport! He didn't particularly want to wear it, but he put on a good show for his momma and for the camera and played along well. He was a devil! Because, honestly, he hardly even had to dress up. ;)

This is my sweet face. I'm not fooling mom, though. Am I fooling you?
And now for the grand finale... VIDEO!

It was all I could do to not explode laughing while filming this. These boys are just so funny sitting there. Priceless. Just priceless.

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you have a day full of treats and goodies!

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Oct 23, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: An Update on Pimp, Moo and Phantom!

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! Whew, it's been a while, hasn't it? The boys keep telling me I need to get back at it so they can share their pictures with you all!

I wanted to pop in and update you on everyone. We're all doing great!


Pimp is doing a great job of relaxing around the house and being a sweet old man. He had a vet visit a couple weeks ago, and the doctor said that he's a "healthy hyperthyroid cat" -- so we'll take that as a positive!

He weighs 8 pounds still, so he's maintaining his weight (good!) and everything else is doing great as well! He's going to live forever, I always tell him.


Oh, Moo. He's really living up to his name. I think he weighed 12.8 pounds at his vet visit last week, and aside from needed to lose a couple of those, he got a clean bill of health also!

Moo has been spending all his time in his not-box still (yes, that thing is still around... and it's almost a year and a half old now!) and other various boxes that I order him online that just so happen to have stuff inside them for me. I take that junk out right away though so he can have his box!


Phantom is such a special cat, you guys. He is amazing. He has so much personality it's ridiculous.

He doesn't stop talking, he follows me around the house, he does the craziest things to get attention (like use his paw to lift a mirror away from a wall and then let it slam back so it makes an atrocious thud... over and over and over again until I pay attention to him) and is just such a goofball.

He is also a diva lately, and changes his mind about his favorite food or foods he won't eat every week. Last week he decided he LOVED this one weight-control canned food and so I went out and stocked up (finally, something he loves!), and two days later he'd rather starve than eat it. Unreal. I always tell him he's the most expensive shelter cat ever. ;)

And ME!

And I'm doing great too! I got the boys' Halloween costumes all lined up, so I'll share pictures of those next week after we do a photo shoot! It's Phantom's first Halloween and holiday season... He has no idea what's coming as far as the dressing-up goes. ;)

Hope all of you are doing fabulous! Have anything fun to report? Share share share!

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Aug 29, 2014

Dogs Sitting on Cats

If it fits, I sits. And if it scratches, I squashes? With my butt?

This video is hilarious!

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Aug 27, 2014

We Did the #MiceBucketChallenge for Shelter Animals!

Now this is a cause we can get behind! We were challenged to do the #MiceBucketChallenge!

The Mice Bucket Challenge is similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge... but with toy mice -- and it's to raise awareness for shelter cats (and dogs!). The idea is that you gather up all the mice you have in your house, and then dump them on your head (or on your cat if he's cooperative!).

We were challenged by Connie from Tails from the Foster Kittens, and we gladly accept!

Plus, I'm going to add in another piece of my own... I'm going to donate $1 for every mice we used to our favorite local rescue who helps with all our kitty transports, Good Karma Pet Rescue! There's no need to donate money, of course, it's all just to raise awareness.

And now that we've done it, we'd like to challenge:

Angie Bailey of CatLadyLand and Texts From Mittens, Tamar Arslanian of I Have Cat, and Venus the Two-Faced Cat herself!

Get on it everyone!

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Aug 3, 2014

Cows Chase Remote Control Car

Animals are so much smarter and cuter than most people give them credit for. Here is a herd of cows having a blast chasing a remote control car!

They're not quite sure what to make of it, but they sure are having fun!

P.S. In case you missed it a couple days ago, check out the armadillo playing with toys video. Seems like every animal likes to play!

Thanks to Cutehead Laura J. for sending in this cute cows chasing remote control car video!

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Aug 1, 2014

Armadillo Playing With Toys!

Who knew armadillos liked to play?! This is so adorable.

Rollie, a southern three-banded armadillo, just loves to play and roll around with his cute pink toy. He even backs off and then sneakily goes to attack it again, just a like a cat would!

Thanks to Cutehead Lisa B. for sharing this cute armadillo playing with toys video!

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Jul 4, 2014

Happy 15th Birthday, Pimp!

Today is Pimp's 15th birthday! And just like they do every year, the whole nation is celebrating!

I can't believe Baby Pimp is 15 years old. He has been with me for just about half my life! I'm 34 and he's 15 -- he's definitely been part of my entire adult life, and I can't think of a better companion! Pimp is the best.

It's my birthday. Everyone get happy!
To celebrate today, Pimp is going to have a great day! He started out with a yummy breakfast (which Phantom and Moo let him eat in peace, good boys!) and then settled in for a little bit of a morning siesta. He'll play some with his favorite mice, have some lunch, another nap or three, dinner, and of course, TONS of cuddles and love from me!

This birthday is made even better because I just took him to the vet to get checked out last weekend. He is very thin (I lovingly call him my little bag of bones) and so I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything else going on. He has hyperthyroid, you know, so that contributes to his scrawniness, but I wanted to make sure there wasn't another underlying issue. He is all of 8 pounds!

We did a full workup -- bloodwork, urinalysis and tested for his T4 levels (that's they hyperthyroid count that would say if it's high and not under control).

And guess what? Pimp is just about as healthy as a kitty can be! He passed all his tests!

I'm a healthy old man!
His bloodwork came back perfect. No kidney issues or anything else. His urinalysis was fabulous. And his T4 levels are at 4.1. The line for being "high" is 4.0, so he's just a wee bit over that, but that is actually great! We were worried that would be a lot higher and the cause of his skinniness, but nope! He's all under control.

So I'm just going to keep an eye on him and weigh him all the time to make sure he doesn't lose more weight. Basically, this is just happy weight right now, the vet thinks, but we're going to make sure by weighing him often.

I get on my digital scale first, then grab him and weigh myself with him. The number we got was exactly what he weighed at the vet, so I know it's accurate. Hurray!

So good news all around on this great day!


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Jun 26, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Pimp's #Selfie and Moo and Phantom's Cute Snuggle

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! Whew, it seems like it's been forever since we've done one of these, doesn't it? So let's get to it!

Today Pimp got with the trend and let me take a selfie with him, and Moo and Phantom want to show you how in love with each other they are. They are BFF for real!

We'll get to those lovebirds in a minute, but first, let Pimp take a selfie!

Moooommmmm! I'm not so sure about this selfie stuff...
Don't you just love his face. He takes his pictures so serious. And he's always so expressive!

Psst... Don't tell him I told you, but Pimp is going to be 15 years old next Friday on the 4th of July! Fifteen years young, I mean. :)

Now let's get on to the crazy whippersnappers.

Moo and Phantom love love love each other. I think one of the best things ever for Moo was us deciding to keep Phantom because now he has a play buddy and a friend who likes to be licked and loved, and does the same back. Pimp wants nothing to do with any of that shenanigans.

These two are always sleeping or cuddled close like this. Not curled up in a ball together, but just touching.

We are all tangled up in love!
Hope everyone has a great day!

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Jun 25, 2014

Cat Welcomes Soldier Home

You've seen all the dog welcoming soldier home videos... but what about the cats? Kitties get just as excited when their soldier daddies and mommies come home!

Like Finn the ragdoll cat -- he just knows his dad is about to walk through that door any minute... and gives him a great welcome hug when he does!

Thanks to Cutehead Nicole L. for sending in this cute cat welcomes soldier home video!

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Jun 2, 2014

Cutest Baby Lamb Choir Ever

All together now... "Maaaaaa!"

These baby lambs are actually very talented. They are singing in perfect harmony AND in rounds!

(I just Googled that, by the way. I knew what it was, but not what it was called, so we all can learn something here: Singing in rounds is when one part of the choir starts, and then the other chimes in with the same thing, just at a different time.)

I dare you not to smile.

P.S. Remember when I got to cuddle a baby lamb? Cutest thing ever! I wish I could cuddle all of these little guys.

Thanks to Cutehead Christy for sharing this cute singing baby lambs video with us!

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May 31, 2014

Deer Licks and Loves Cat

Hoppy the deer loves her kitty buddy, Tiptree! And the two of them like to groom each other and snuggle up and be best buds!

Hoppy was found as an abandoned fawn on a doorstep, and the people decided to raise her. She got big and strong, and made a best friend along the way! I was trying to find updates (this video is not new), and it looks like maybe they released her and continued to see her after.

Adorable love!

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May 30, 2014

Cats and Dogs Who Hate Kisses

Why is it that our kitties and doggies never want us to smooch them? If they don't like kisses, then they should be so darn smoochable, right?

Here's a funny compilation of cats and dogs denying their mommies and daddies a kiss. No kiss for you!

P.S. We're back! I can't believe it's been a month since the last Cute post. Bad me! This cute video had to be here though, so let's get back to it!

P.P.S. This weekend is another transport weekend! Even though I haven't been posting here as much, we've still been helping kitties just as much! Four special kitties are hitting the road on Saturday from Florida to Wisconsin and Michigan!

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Apr 29, 2014

You Know You Love Your Cat When...

Do you ever catch yourself doing something for your kitty and just stop and think, "Man, this is love." Even just the littlest thing?

Last night I had one of those moments. Pimp had decided he was done with his dinner, and I disagreed. As far as I was concerned, he had barely touched it (he likes to just lick the surface of his wet food... "bite" isn't really in his vocabulary, so he never actually takes a decent bite), so I decided to feed him.

Yes, feed him.

That brown belly needed feeding! 
I know he always likes his treats better out of my hand than from the floor, so I tried the same tactic with his wet food. I scooped up a small clump of a bite and offered it to him in my hand, palm up with the food near the tips of my fingers. And he dove in!

I'm not sure if it was the "bite"-sized piece or the fact that I was feeding it to him like that, but I've never seen that boy lick faster or eat that enthusiastically in a long time. So after about 10 licks when that clump was done, I grabbed another bit and did the same. And again and again.

With each bit, it seemed like he was getting happier and happier about it. My hand was absolutely plastered with smooshed down, licked over mushy cat food, but I felt like I was getting happier with every bit he ate too.

Man, this is love.

An old picture of me hand-feeding Pimp a catnip cookie. He loves to be babied. 
Together we managed to finish off a half a plate of food like that -- way more than he would have ever eaten on his own. It's not that he doesn't eat, it's just that Moo and Phantom end up cleaning up his leftovers before he gets the urge to walk over for seconds. Pimp likes to take his time with his food, a practice that doesn't really bode will in a house of piggies.

Now that I know how much he'll eat if we do it like that, and how much he likes it, you can bet I'll have a hand full of wet food way more often. Who wouldn't? It's just what we do for love.

I'm not sure why that was such a moment for me, but I wanted to share it with you all. I'm glad I shared it with Pimp! Pimp is almost 15 years old and my biggest worry is that he's almost 15 years old. Whatever he wants, however he wants it, he can have.

Do you have moments like this? What kinds of things do you do for your cats for love?

Man, I love this cat.
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Apr 24, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Pimp, Moo, Phantom... and a Baby Lamb!

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! I wanted to catch you all up on what we've been up to since I haven't posted in a little while -- and show you the cutest baby lamb I got to meet!

First, a few of you have emailed me just checking in to see how we were doing since I haven't posted. You are all so sweet! We are all doing great. I just got back from a little vacation to North Carolina and feel fabulous. The boys did pretty good at home while I was gone. A friend of mine watched them, but obviously they missed their mommy. I'm glad to be back!

Now, on to the Cute!

Last week, Phantom tried to be a daredevil... and then didn't know how to get out of the situation he got himself in. He somehow jumped up on top of the shower stall!

Uh oh. Now what?
Moooommmm... Come get me, OK?
I heard some kind of noise as I was brushing my teeth and then looked back and there he was. He was basically tight-rope walking up there, and I had to reach up and grab him. He hugged me so tight on the way down! I bet he doesn't try to pull that stunt anymore.

Now let's get some Pimp and Moo in here...

Look how cute they were snuggling (this is as close as they snuggle, you guys!). This particular cat bed is hot property. They all use it, and it's like first come, first served. Someone is always on it!

I let Pimp have the bed today because he an old man, and elderly first!
And next... let's talk about this baby lamb! Oh my goodness, he was the highlight of my vacation!

I went to my parent's house near Asheville, NC, and we visited the Biltmore Estate. A friend of mine works there (you might remember George Ricci from the Save Loews Cats mission a couple years ago!), and so he was able to get us to where no one else can really go.

We visited the sheep barn on the property and got to meet so many cuties! I'll post more about them later -- one was a cat, of course! -- but I wanted to show you this cute baby lamb!

One of the farmers brought out this adorable one-day-old baby lamb for us! I thought he was just bringing him out to show us, but when he started to hand him over to me, I am pretty sure my mouth dropped. I got so excited!

And so this was me for the next five minutes... Happy happy happy!

Ah! He was the size of a cat. And so cute. And he baaaaaaaaed so loud! I couldn't stop kissing him.
I wanted to take him home!
Could you just die?! He was so cute! He was the runt of the litter, and so they took him to bottle feed him since his mom was rejecting him. Who would reject such an adorable nugget? He even had his umbilical cord still attached. So cute!

Thanks for keeping checking in on us, everyone! I will do my best to post more. I love sharing with you all!

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Apr 10, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Phantom's Nose, Moo's Wake-Up Tactic and Pimp Wants Pot Roast

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! Today the boys wanted to give you a little bit of a buffet of kitty cuteness. Just some random stuff they did this week!

First up, Moo wanted to show you how he wakes me up every morning. The pictures are not the best since it is dark (he wakes up early!), but I just think they are super cute because it's really what we do every morning! He is such a love bug.

First I give mom's nose the side head rub.
The the front head butt.
And then back to the side head rub. Now she's gets up and feeds me!
And then Phantom wants you to smooch his adorable black nose!

You can't decide whether to smooch or boop me, right?
And last, but definitely not least (no one puts Pimpy in the corner!), Pimp wants to show you how serious he is about wanting some of my dinner all the time. This is his "Give me some of your pot roast" face. He means business.

Pot roast, I'm watching you.
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Apr 4, 2014

22 Kittens and 1 Momma Cat!

Yesterday I promised you a ton of cute kitties, and here they are! Right now we have 22 adorable kittens and a sweet momma cat tucked away safely, soundly and loved in foster homes all over South Florida... waiting for our next transport!

That's a lot of kitties! They aren't leaving town for a few more weeks, but I couldn't wait for you to meet them!

I'll post more about them and updates as we go along, but here's a bunch of cute pictures of cute kitties to finish our your week the best way ever!

The Mafia Kittens: Catnip Capone, Kitty Kelly and Tabby Genovese! 
Venus and her four newborn babies. They were born in the shelter overnight and we busted them all out the very next day. Safe! They are just starting to open their eyes now. It's been about a week. 
The first half of the Blue Kittens: Periwinkle and Sky!
The other Blue Kittens: Powder and Indigo! 

Thomas and Belle!
First half of the Dream Basketball kittens: Lebron and James! These four were rescued from a "free kittens" listing we saw on Craiglist. Never list pets for free on Craiglist. There are bad people out there!
Jordana and Pippa! These four were gorgeous and fluffy in their Craiglist picture. When we got them, it was a whole different story. Crusty and sick with eye infections, parasites and dehydrated. :( We're fixing them up!
Cutie bunch of kitties rescued from a horse ranch!
Lee, rescued from a rental property. 
So there's that! We will probably add one more baby to the bunch -- Lee needs a buddy! All of these adorable babies will be heading up north on April 26, so we have a few more weeks to enjoy them down here and watch them grow up a little!

Huge thanks to all our fosters and Good Karma Pet Rescue (the best!) for rescuing them all down here and making sure they get everything they need before they travel!

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Apr 3, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Moo and Phantom Love Each Other and Pimp Doesn't Care

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! It's a miracle, I tell you. Moo and Phantom love each other.

It's not like the cuddle up in a tight ball and sleep together all the time, but it's a loving tolerance -- and it's super cute to catch when it happens!

A couple days ago, I came home to this:

Why yes, we are snuggling.
I think that's the first time I've actually caught them in a sleepy snuggle! And so I had to zoom in to get a closer picture. I was really hoping I wouldn't ruin it! They both usually start walking to the camera when they see it.

I knew that cow cat would love me eventually!
Isn't that just so sweet? It wasn't that long ago, it seems, that I had to lock them in their own rooms when I went to work because I was afraid of leaving them out together all day! Whoooo hooo!

And then, another day this week, I caught them doing this. (They do this more often. They love to lick each other!)

They are such lover boys!

And meanwhile, Pimp is all like...

I'll just take care of myself. 
And then later, after all of this peace and harmony wears off, we're back to normal...

P.S. Make sure you all come back tomorrow... I have 22 tiny kittens and a sweet momma cat for you to meet! (Yes, 23 cats!)

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Mar 31, 2014

Cowboy Kitty Goes for a Ride!

Giddy up! It's a tabby cowboy cat!

Why walk around the living room yourself when you can ride your trusty kid instead? Hop on and hold on tight, little kitty!

Thanks to Cutehead Michele G. for sending over in cute cowboy cat video!

QUESTION FROM CUTE: Have any of you ever used any automatic feeders that open only for a specific cat? I am really thinking about looking into one for Pimp. That way I can make it so his food can be out all day and he can eat when he wants, and the other two fatties can't devour it before he does. Pimp is a grazer, and could stand to GAIN some weight, but Moo and Phantom or gulpers, and always finish off his before he can get back to it for another nibble. Any ideas?

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Mar 27, 2014

Three Cats Thursday: Almost Touching, Phantom's Tail Update and the Poop Scoop!

Happy Three Cats Thursday, Cuteheads! We have some catching up to do!

First, check this out. Shhhh... No one tell them they are almost all touching! What an amazing site (coerced by the lure of delicious canned food, of course).

Pimp and Moo always eat there. I moved Phantom's plate over to join them because he kept trying to eat Pimp's food. So I just gave him more of his own. Piggy.

And now the update on Phantom's tail and the fur loss. Turns out that, like many of you suggested, he is allergic to fleas. So he got some antibiotics to get rid of the mild infection that was on his bare skin and we ordered Comfortis for the house to take care of the fleas. It's supposed to be the best. We used Revolution before, but I think our fleas are wearing gas masks and heavy armor -- I'm pretty sure they just laughed at it and kept on their merry way.

His furs seem to be growing back in, so that's great! Hopefully his tail will be lush and plush again soon.

And I also needed to update on the poop scoop (Only TMI if you don't have cats. We cat people talk poop, right?). Everyone's poop was horrible, but no tests showed anything, all fecals came back clear, and even the bloodwork was fabulous. A mysterious poop problem! So they all got a round of Panacur (much to Pimp's dismay; he hates any medicine), and all seems to be looking better. Paws crossed it stays that way!

So basically, Phantom brought in fleas and some poop issue that spread. Adopt shelter cats! ;)

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Mar 26, 2014

Baby Orphan Bats

Tiny bundles of baby bat joy all swaddled in comfy blankies, filling their bellies with yummy food and absurdly, ridiculously, impossible adorable! Who knew bats were so cute?

The Australian Bat Clinic cares for hundreds of bats at a time, and this is just a small section of the nursery. They get to hang around with their buddies, and when they get older, there's another section closer to what it would be like in the wild so they can get used to that before they're released.

Anybody else suddenly need a baby bat like I do?

P.S. I want to say a special thank you to a wonderful Cutehead, Tia R. Yesterday I got a very touching and beautiful present from her in the mail. It was a total surprise, and I just love it. She gifted me her first piece of art. She said she wanted me to have it in memory of Pea and honor of Phantom.

She called it a ZIA (or Zentangle Inspired Art). I had never heard of a zentagle, so I headed over to Google and learned it's relaxing, calming kind of art. We could all use some more of that in our lives!

I had no idea this was coming, and I'm so touched that she thought to gift it to me. I have met some of the best people through this blog and all of the things we're able to do together!

Thank you, Tia! :)

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