Mar 31, 2014

Cowboy Kitty Goes for a Ride!

Giddy up! It's a tabby cowboy cat!

Why walk around the living room yourself when you can ride your trusty kid instead? Hop on and hold on tight, little kitty!

Thanks to Cutehead Michele G. for sending over in cute cowboy cat video!

QUESTION FROM CUTE: Have any of you ever used any automatic feeders that open only for a specific cat? I am really thinking about looking into one for Pimp. That way I can make it so his food can be out all day and he can eat when he wants, and the other two fatties can't devour it before he does. Pimp is a grazer, and could stand to GAIN some weight, but Moo and Phantom or gulpers, and always finish off his before he can get back to it for another nibble. Any ideas?

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  1. I've been using timed feeders since 1995 -- they are great -- ice pack and all -- ice pack lasts about 12 hrs Max, for wet food. Of course you could freeze the wet food in a block to make it stay cold longer and then put it in the feeder dish (just label in it the freezer so you don't throw it in the stew pot like i did once). My cats stayed in separate rooms when i was out -- they all had use of their timed feeders and ate their allotted food. The battery on the back (bottom) can get loose so I put a plastic baffle over the battery and taped it down (the baffle) without getting tape on the moving clockwork parts. My feeders are the rectangular one with the square top opening doors-- the doors are the first to go (after several YEARS) but I have repaired them nicely with small hinges and heavy duty glue. The ice packs can be reordered.

  2. We had a kitty food vacuum and 2 polite kitties - since kitty vacuum couldn't get up on the counters, we put the polite kitties' food there...of course some folks don't like kitties on the counters - we never cared. The kitties go whereever they want!

  3. That is the cutest video ever!! Love it!

  4. I use an auto-feeder for Nala, it's a lifesaver! She has to have small, regular meals throughout the day or she gets nauseous from her IBD issues and the Prednisolone she's on so I rely on the feeders so much!

  5. The only way that Pimp's feeding would work is if all the cats ate in separate rooms or if you stay in the kitchen for the duration of the feeding. IMF you get an automatic feeder and you are not there you will never know if it was truly Pimp who ate his food. I would say keep Pimp in a room for feeding times (depending on your schedule). Maybe feed him and the others separately while you get ready for work than leave them out for the day with one bowl of hard food for all to grave in during the day and same routine for dinner.

    We've always had three or four cats with many with different diets. It is challenging. Our Kiki is not well right now (pancreatitis). She is in her room (the walk-in and bathroom of the master bedroom) and she is on special food. I close the door so no other cats get to her food and when I am home I will let the cats visit her. I am home all day it's been a few years so it is not as challenging to feed them. Our Jack loves to steal Frank's food (the girls swat at him) and so I stay in the kitchen until everyone is done.

    Since Pimp has to gain weight, give him more when Moo and Phantom are sleeping and before he goes to bed.

    All the best.

  6. Another thing you could do is give Mister Pimp his own private dining room in a large bottom kitchen cabinet. Cut out a hole and insert one of those cat doors that works with a little radio charm so it only opens for him. Luxury! Be sure to put a baby lock on that cabinet so the others don't instantly learn how to pry it open. (Years ago my vet adopted a little black orphan and that little charmer quickly learned to open cabinet doors, setting off the alarm, which meant the dear doc had to get out of bed, get dressed, and drive over to his practice to meet the police. So 25 years later all those cabinets still have baby locks on them!)

  7. That little kitty is so cute! And the best part is the way he climbs back on! What a pair! Friends forever!

  8. This feeder works with a special collar and will only open for Pimp


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