Aug 8, 2009

Doggie on a Pool Slide

What better to do during these dog days of summer than go for a nice, refreshing splash in the pool? And everyone knows the most fun way to get in the pool (except a cannonball, maybe) is to slide in!

Doggies know this, too...

More splish-splashing doggies, please.

Kitten Tries to Catch Her Tail

Those darn tails are so sneaky... Just when you think you've got him, he goes and thwaps out of the way. Then, he lets you get real close and somehow escapes again!

Keep trying, little Delphi. You'll get him one of these tries!

More kitty silliness, please.

Aug 7, 2009

Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk... but What About Finished Rice?

This little kid is thoroughly enjoying his dinner. Yum! Another bite, please... and another... and leeeeaaaaaning in for another...

Wait. What? There's no more?!

More cute kids, please.

Cute Pet Spotlight: Chase No Face!

I can't remember when I first stumbled on Chase's blog, but from the very second I did, I was immediately smitten with this kitten. See, Chase isn't your ordinary kitty...

This is how she tells her story:

I was in an accident when I was 4 wks (2005), I became disfigured. I have a Furry will to survive & I am completely healed. I require medication during the day to keep my eyes moist. I will always look different but I am in NO PAIN! I have seen 10 vets and they can attest to that! I'm a happy kitty and hope to help other humans feel just as great about themselves and realize that not everyone looks perfect and that is OK. =^..^=

I beg to differ, though... I think Chase is perfect -- perfectly cute! In fact, I think her special face is so precious that she's one of the cutest kitties I've ever seen.

It makes me smile every time I visit her blog to see that she's just like a regular kitty, and doesn't miss out on any regular kitty daily activities. She loves to look out the window at the birdies, cuddling with her family, playing with toys, grooming her siblings and lounging on furniture.

She does need special eye medication every day to keep her eyes all healthy and moisturized (she can't blink!), but other than that she's fabulous!

Thanks for reading about Chase. If you'd like to read more about her, visit her at her blog (it's on Cute's favorites list at the left, too!) at

Do you want your pet to be a Cute Pet Spotlight? Send me their story and some cute pictures to dorian (at) yourdailycute (dot) com!

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Aug 6, 2009

Cute Chihuahua Puppy Tap Dance

It must be hard being Pokey the chihuahua... such cuteness has got to be a curse. I'm sure Pokey can't go anywhere without being showered with attention and scratchies and love...

...and then this video comes out. Too much cute!

How about a whole gang of cute chihuahuas next, please.

Peek-a-Boo Kitty

A cute kitty playing peek-a-boo. Now you see him, now you don't...

More sneaky kitties, please.

Aug 5, 2009

Cute Bunny Cam!

Cute can't think of a better way to start your day than with a crazy mob of fluffy bunnies! There's bunny feet and bunny butts and bunny noses...

More cute bunnies, please.

Aug 4, 2009

Cute Cocktail: Anteater Sipping Wine

Talk about happy hour... This anteater drinking his wine makes me giddy with happiness -- and I haven't even had any wine myself!

(Cute note: It's not really wine, it's just a little sparkling cran-apple juice. Still cute, though!)

How about a thirsty koala next, please?

Breaking News from the KTN (Kitty News Network)!

Folks, we have an shocking report we first heard about on the Kitty News Network. This is an absolute outrage! Awful! Terrible! (And did we mention cute?!)

Get your news here:

Aug 3, 2009

Simon's Cat: "Fly Guy" (The Score: Cat 1, House 0)

Yay! Another Simon's Cat film!

Cute loves these, because they are so absolutely on point. Any cat person cat relate. This one is about a cat catching a fly... and completely wrecking the place in the process. Who hasn't come home or woken up to this kind of distruction before?

Another Simon's Cat cartoon, please.

Food-Catching Cat!

There are many techniques cats use when it comes to treat nomming. Some eat off the floor, some off plates and some... well... some play with their food.

This cat plays catch better than some of those high-paid NFL players!

More food antics, please.

Aug 2, 2009

Laughing Dog

Maybe someone told Rhett a really funny joke, or maybe his human is using that "pet voice" again -- that must be funny to our dogs and cats, don't you think?

Either way, Rhett the laughing dog makes hysterical noises! (Cute note: His owner says he's not thirsty and the the ASPCA favorite this video, so he's all good... he just likes to laugh!)

More laughing silliness, please.

CATcerto: Nora the Piano Cat with a Full Orchestra!

We all love Nora the piano-playing cat (now THAT'S talent!), and one composer loves her cute ivory-tickling skills so much that he composed a whole piece around her!

Obviously her piano solos take center stage -- she's officially a big star here!

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