Aug 3, 2009

Simon's Cat: "Fly Guy" (The Score: Cat 1, House 0)

Yay! Another Simon's Cat film!

Cute loves these, because they are so absolutely on point. Any cat person cat relate. This one is about a cat catching a fly... and completely wrecking the place in the process. Who hasn't come home or woken up to this kind of distruction before?

Another Simon's Cat cartoon, please.


  1. The pouncing part is REALLY true!! Love these videos--he knows cats.

  2. I love these videos. My cat was doing that with a moth the other night that got into the house & was in the bedroom. I heard something fall off the dresser. I walked in there & he's laying on the bed looking at me like...what? Fortunately, he didn't destroy the room like this video. I walked out & a few min later heard him meowing & that's when I saw the moth on the floor in front of him.


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