Dec 19, 2009

Santa's Little Helpers Decorate for the Howlidays!

Where were these guys when it was time to decorate my place? I love it!

Also, just want to take a quick second to say THANK YOU to all of you who donated to and supported Santa Paws Drive. We met (and exceeded!) our goal! We have already shipped out all the toys and treats to the shelter animals -- pictures to come, we hope... we asked for some! -- and will be sending the cash donations shortly.

Santa Paws Drive was the huge success that it was because of all of our great friends and furriends. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. This has been one of the greatest projects I've ever, ever been a part of. And now on to the festivities...

Dec 18, 2009

Doggie is the BEST Listener!

Sky is a good listener. Maybe the best listener. She listens so hard that at one point, I thought her head might actually turn all the way around!

More head-tilting doggies, please. (Three pugs for three times the cute!)

Dec 17, 2009

Rescue Kitten Gets Cleaned by an Unlikely New Friend

This kitten was rescued by two friends on the road to a concert one day. The little baby was about 5 weeks old and they couldn't exactly tell if it was a boy or a girl. What they did know, though, was that the poor baby was covered in fleas.

When they got it home, they sat the little sweetie on the couch, and let their their bird, Mulder, meet him -- and Mulder knew just want to do! He immediately starting picking the fleas off the baby! He was very gentle, and even got some of the boogers from the kitty's eyes...

How about a parrot petting a cat next, please.

Dec 16, 2009

Two Cats Wednesday: Moo Visits Santa!

Oops! Somehow I totally forgot about Two Cats Tuesday yesterday, so we're doing Two Cats Wednesday instead! That's OK, right?

I hope so, because this one is really cute! I took Moo to visit Santa this weekend! It was his first visit to Santa (it's his first Christmas officially as my cat -- last year he was just starting to make his case on my back porch for me to bring him in).

Moo was such a good boy with Santa! I was worried that he'd either raise hell and claw me all up trying to get away from him or that he's be just scared stiff and cling to me when it was time to sit with Santa.

He did neither! He was the BEST boy.

Me, Moo and Santa! Click on it to biggify... that's him licking his nose at the exact second of the picture. Silly Moo.

Look how GOOD he was! He even let Santa hold him! (Pimp would have never, ever stood for this.)

You will bring me LOTS of treats for Christmas or else I will get you with my laser eyes!

Wondering where Pimp was for this Santa visit? Well... Pimp has taken to making his dislike for travel known in a couple ways, better known as #1 and #2. I figured Santa would not appreciate having #1 or #2 on his lap, so Pimp stayed home this year.

He has been plenty of times in the past though! Here are some pictures of his past pictures (sorry about the quality -- I literally took pictures of the pictures!).

I think this was one of our first visits with Santa. Pimp looks little here (and I look ridiculously young).

In this one Pimp's sporting his big Santa hat. Big hat means bigger presents, right?

Here's a more recent one of Pimp and Santa... Look at that belly! I love how it's brown.

Hope you enjoyed Two Cats Wednesday. Next week we'll be back on schedule... for Two Cats Tuesday! :)

Dec 15, 2009

Boxing Kitty Says Prepare to Meet Da Feet!

We've seen boxing kitties before, but none with as cute a stance as this one! Just look at how his tummy protects his footsies!

But how can we meet da feet if you want see da feet?

Dec 14, 2009

MacGyver Cat

Meet Steve McQueen, MacGyver cat. The info with this video said this is the intro to his TV show... and we can only hope that one day he really will have a show!

But I wonder if he can fix an engine with a paper clip and a stick of gum... (or maybe a hairball and a little cat nip?).

Want more TV kitties? Check out Wilbur the cat's episode of Cat Cribs.

Dec 13, 2009

How a Cat Opens a Jar

Show of hands: How many of you keep your cat's treats in a jar thinking they won't know how to open it? All of you raising your hands? That's what I thought.

Well, this cat has us all scratching our heads. This is by far the most clever, most fool-proof way I've ever seen for a jar to open. Guess what happens at the end of the video... (and listen to the LOUD purrs!)

Note from Cute: We're soooo close to our goal for Santa Paws Drive! If you haven't already heard, me and a couple friends started a charity drive to raise toys and money for shelter animals for Christmas. We just need a few hundred dollars to reach our goal... If you have can spare any pocket change, we'd appreciate the support!
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