Aug 15, 2009

Kittens Playing: Ur Doin It Wrong

Well, these cute kittens definitely get an "A" for effort when it comes to playing with their new toy. They know there's a ball in there, and that they're supposed to be able to play with it... but how?

A little purrseverance, though, and they finally get it!

How about kittens and toilet paper, please.

Cute Munchkin Cat Standing Up

Oh, how Cute loves munchkin cats! With their squatty little legs and their chubby little chubbies... and the fact that they have this tendency (talent, in my opinion) to stand on their back legs!

Beibei the munchkin cat is an excellent stander-upper! And when he starts to do a little walk too. Swoooon. Too much cute. Enjoy!

More munchkin kittens, please.

Aug 14, 2009

Cute Baby Lions Born!

Two cute baby lions were born at the London Zoo 10 weeks ago -- and they just took their first little lion steps yesterday!

The two baby lions are a boy and a girl and don't have names yet. Maybe we could suggest some? I'd love to name a baby lion!

More baby lions, please!

*Baby lion story and images from the Daily Mail.

Little Monkey Showers Like a Human

Lui the little Capuchin monkey showers just like we do. You know, you look up at the shower head (or faucet, in Lui's case) and wash the water over your face. Then you wash up everywhere else.

He must be so little to have so much room to wash around in the sink like that. So cute!

Another cute baby monkey, please.

Aug 13, 2009

Boxing Cat

Earlier this morning, Cute put up a DJ turntable kitty spinning on the ones and twos... now we have a boxing cat giving him the ol' one-two punch!

Fierce, no? I wouldn't want to be the person to face this kitty in the morning when he's hungry!

*Thanks to Cute's friend Kerri for sharing this cute boxing cat video!

Aug 12, 2009

Kitty vs. Turntable

Cute hereby officially names this little turntable kitty DJ Meow. Purring on the ones and twos, he's giving you a pawsitively furr-ious beat!

How about a piano hamster next, please?

Aug 11, 2009

Moo's Midnight Antics

So if you've been reading the Cute for a while, you know I have a cat named Moo. He showed up on my back porch around Christmas last year... and the rest is history.

Well, Moo has this funny thing he does with his toys. Every day I "clean up" after the boys and put their toys in their toy basket. They know they're there and go on over and pick one out whenever they want to play. It's really, really cute.

Moo, however, doesn't like his toys there. He likes them all in one place, sure, but just not that place. So at night when I'm sleeping, he works very hard to rearrange things. One by one, he grabs a toy and carries them somewhere else to pile them.

I know he does it, but this morning's pile was especially cute -- it was like he brought them all over to me! Never mind my pajama pants and T-shirt (I sleep in a tank top and shorts, but keep these by my bed because it's freezing when I wake up)... but look at what a funny pile he made on them!

He brought me a whole bunch of toys and it was the first thing I saw when I got up. It was so cute, and such a sweet way to start the day. He can't make me breakfast or switch on the coffee, so he just does what he can to show me he loves me...

Cats! Gotta love 'em.

"All Tangled Up" - Cute Kitten Commercial

So I got suckered into clicking on an ad while I was listening to Pandora at work the other day -- it was too cute of an ad not to. It took me to a URL with the cutest name,, that had a bunch of videos -- some of them cute, some of them silly.

This, my friends, was cute enough to share... it is a little piece of happy.

Aug 10, 2009

Little (Big) Bunny Foo-Foo

They called this video Little Bunny Foo Foo and it was too cute not to copy... but this bunny isn't technically a Foo-Foo (a floof-floof, maybe) -- she's a Lulu. A big, soft, fuzzy bunny of a Lulu.

Is there anything cuter than extreme close-ups?!

More Mumu! Cute Cat Tricks

Next to Maru the box cat, this is my other favorite Youtube kitty -- my friends and I call him Mumu, and he's been on the Cute more times than any other kitty. Ever.

And he's back with more cuteness... This time he plays dead!

More Mumu videos, please (pretty please with sugar and sprinkles and purrs!).

Aug 9, 2009

Happiness is...

A doggie after my own heart... Shopping!

funny pictures of dogs with captions

Baby Elephant Splishin' and a Splashin'

Luk Chai the baby elephant (he lives at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney) doesn't need a rubber duckie to make bath time lots of fun -- it's fun just to splash around and look cute. Wait for it while you're watching... it gets even cuter when they start spraying him down with the hose!

Another baby elephant, please.

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