Oct 3, 2009

Silly Pile of Piggies with Perky Ears...

The pile of piggies would have been cute enough to make the Cute...

But wait! There's more! These crazy oinkers' little ears perk up whenever someone says something. I wonder if they're tapping their feet too...

How about a cute piggy at the beach next, please.

Oct 2, 2009

The Kermie Butt Dance

Since yesterday's Crazy Cat Dance was such a fun hit, I figured we'd follow it up with another little kitty jig.

Kermie here has the funny habit of doing this silly wiggle every time he's done with the litter box. His owners started calling it the "Kermie Butt Dance" and, well, it stuck. (Although I'm sure there's nothing stuck on Kermie's butt anymore... Just sayin.)

How about a dancing elephant next, please!

P.S. I know that butt-dragging can be a sign of worms, but it sounds like Kermie does this really as a way of wiping his little kitty butt! Haha. His owners say they clean the carpet every day. ;)

P.P.S. Special thanks to Cute's friend (and @Quadpawd's mommy!) Angie for sending us this cute video!

Oct 1, 2009

Crazy Cat Dance

Sage is one crazy kitty. She likes to dance -- but only when no one is watching (we should always dance like no one is watching, right?).

Her owner had to snag this super cute video with the camera over his shoulder... he couldn't "watch" remember? Cute!

More dancing kitties, please.

*Thanks to Cute's Twitter friend @Chaoskater for showing me this! Too cute!

Sep 30, 2009

The Sheet Monster!

There is something lurking in the sheets... Something squirmy and wiggly and, and... what is it?!

I saw this cute video of Maggie May over on her blog, and couldn't help but put it on the Cute. If you have cute videos, send 'em over! You can email me through the link in the left sidebar.

*Special thanks to Maggie May for letting me use this cute Sheet Monster video!

Sep 29, 2009

Two Cats Tuesday: Toes Obsession!

I may or may not be obsessed with kitty toesies. I'm not quite sure why, but I love them. So much so, in fact, that I have a whole collection of pictures from all kinds of toesies angles of Pimp and Moo...

My absolute favorite Pimp toesies picture! Don't you just want to eat them up?!

My what big paws you have Pimp... (Seriously, I swear he has lion paws!)

Shhh... don't wake the toesies. You see?! Look how big they are!

Moo's cow toesies. Look... even the his little pads are cow-spotted!

Because everyone knows it's bad manners to put your toes on the table...

Another pictures of kitty toesies?! Yaaaawwwwnnn, mom.

And now the moment you've all been waiting for... Last week, you voted on Pimp & Moo's Halloween costumes for this year.

The winner with 36% of the votes was the PIRATE costume!
That means Pimp gets to be a pirate and Moo gets to be one of Pimp's costumes from the last 10 years (he's got a whole wardrobe of cute costumes, so believe me, Moo is all set!).

Have a great day, Cuteheads!

Sep 28, 2009

Where's My String?!?

Michael the cat must have his string. He's so addicted to his string that his parents call it "kitty crack" because he has kind of a kitty panic attack if they ever take it away.

More kitties with string, please.

Sep 27, 2009

Foxes and Cats on Trampolines

It's Funday Sunday today and I'm feeling a little bouncy, so I decided to make it "Trampoline Day" on the Cute! Plus, today's your lucky day, Cuteheads -- you get two videos to ooh and ahh at!

Foxes first! These two wild foxes found this trampoline in someone's back yard... and went to town. Super cute.

Next the kitty! I'm pretty sure this isn't this cat's first time at the rodeo... I'm also not so sure she knows what that "hump" really is. ;)

Have a great day!
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