Sep 30, 2009

The Sheet Monster!

There is something lurking in the sheets... Something squirmy and wiggly and, and... what is it?!

I saw this cute video of Maggie May over on her blog, and couldn't help but put it on the Cute. If you have cute videos, send 'em over! You can email me through the link in the left sidebar.

*Special thanks to Maggie May for letting me use this cute Sheet Monster video!


  1. Oh I love it when making the bed and they 'help'. What a CUTE video!

  2. That is great. Mine will get under a sheet or cover but they never run around like that. Great stuff.

  3. lol.. another cute... so really cute... ^_^

  4. Yay! Thank you for featuring Maggie May's video today!!!

    Maggie May wanted to tell you that if she were to write a list of cute animal blogs, this blog would be the TOP of the list! :)

  5. Yes, please feel free to use any of our videos on your blog. We'd be honored!

  6. EEEK!

    My cats like to play Blanket Monster. Altho sometimes Gus (larger cat) doesn't quite understand the rules and just plops down on Prudence (smaller cat) when she's trying to scare him.

  7. Rachel, aren't they such a help? Don't know how I ever made a bed without my two, um, helping...

    Marg, clearly yours are just sneakier monsters.

    Jeramae, thanks!

    Maggie May, awww shucks. Cute is even cuter now with you on it! :)

    Creek Cats, YAY! I'll let you know when yours is coming up.

    JD, that's "flattery" at its finest. It means Prudence is a good sheet monster.

  8. You have to watch out for those sheet just never know!

  9. Maggie May is so cute chasing those sheet monsters! We had seen it on her blog but it was fun seeing it again!

  10. What is the deal with sheets and cats??! I can't stand to make the bed when the cats are around.

  11. Too cute! One of ours likes to get under the sheet, and "help" as well. Thanks for sharing, Maggie May!


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