Nov 26, 2011

Baby Elephant's First Mud Bath

At only one month old, this bouncing bundle of baby elephant joy is already 251 pounds -- just the right size for splish-splashing in mud puddles and having the time of her life!

She and her mom, Christie, live at the Hogle Zoo in Utah, and this is her first mud bath.

Some fun elephant facts: Baby has a lot of growing to do... her mom weighs 7,900 pounds! Also, she carried her for an incredible 22 months. That's a long time! I guess something this cute is worth the wait!

Nov 25, 2011

Press Kitten to Uncurl

Just a tiny little tap in just the right place uncurls a rolled up sleepy kitten in just a few seconds!

P.S. Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving yesterday! If you're going to be one of those crazy people Black Friday shopping, don't forget to get a little something for your pets! :)

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Nov 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Cute, Pimp and Moo!

Happy Thanksgiving, Cuteheads! I hope each and every one of you has a day filled with loved, surrounded by family, friends and pets.

Today (and every day!), I'm so thankful to have met all of you through this blog. I have become close to many of you, and hope to become closer the rest of you as time goes on.

Thank you for coming here every day and sharing your love for animals with me. And thanks for letting me share Pimp and Moo and all the parking lot kitties with you. We're all one big happy family here!

Here's to many more Thanksgivings, and even more things to be thankful for!

Nov 23, 2011

Blind Kitten Plays With Toys for the First Time

Oskar the blind kitten is playing with toys for the first time! He was born without formed eyeballs, but that doesn't stop him from "seeing" the toys with his other senses.

His new parents gave him his first toys ever -- bells with balls in them -- the day after they adopted him. It took him just a few seconds to figure out how to play with them, and then he was off to happy kitty playtime just like any other kitten.

If you didn't know, you might not even know he was a blind kitten! My heart is a giant puddle watching this video. I'm pretty sure I literally melted. So much awwww!

P.S. You might remember Oskar from his other super cute video that was going around not too long ago - Blind Kitten vs. Hair Dryer!

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Nov 22, 2011

Two Cats Tuesday: The Difference Between Pimp and Moo

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! I know it's not quite Thanksgiving yet, but I wanted to take today to say how thankful I am that I have Pimp and Moo in my life! And, I wanted to tell you guys about what makes them each so special.

The boys are both sweet and adorable and loving, but they definitely have their own little quirks and differences. It's what makes them so unique!

Pimp purrs louder than Moo. Like a dull roar. You can hear him across the room. Moo has a delicate little purr that only ramps up when he's really, really happy.

Moo is a bigger cuddler than Pimp. Unlike most cats, with Moo, cuddle time can be your idea or his. If you start it, he's all for it! Pimp like to cuddle, too, but not as exaggeratedly and it has to be his idea.

Pimp has stripes and Moo has spots!

Moo only likes crunchy treats. For some reason, he can't eat the soft ones. It's kind of cute to watch, they just kind of fall out his mouth. Pimp loves ANY treats.

Pimp likes to drink water from the bathroom sink and will sit there for hours waiting for me to notice he wants it on. Moo only drinks from his kitty fountain.

Moo likes all toys, especially wand toys and stuffed animal ones that are almost as big as he is. Pimp only likes toys that are mice.

Pimp has to have a tiny bite of everything I eat. He begs. (I only give him stuff that is OK for kitties, of course.) Moo couldn't care less about people food.

Moo like to be in boxes. Pimp likes to be on cat beds.

Pimp is a people cat and the first one to greet anyone new at the door. Moo is the first one to hide under the bed if someone who is not me comes in.

Moo doesn't care for canned food. Have you ever heard of such a thing?!

Pimp has giant lion-sized paws. Moo's paws are tiny and dainty. Really, "dainty" is the best way to describe them.

Pimp comes when I shake the treat bag, open the pantry where the cans are kept, open the refrigerator, shake out a vitamin or Advil (I guess it sounds like treats shaking?), rustle the deli meat wrapper... You get the idea. Moo comes when I call him.

And I know I'll think of more ways they are different and add them as the day goes on!

So how are your kitties different? What makes each one so special? Let's all share in the comments!

One thing's for sure... They're both cute!

Nov 21, 2011

Cat Gives Dog a Tricky Massage

A good massage is an art form, and I don't think this cat has quite mastered it yet. He's having a bit of a rough time balancing on his doggy buddy's back.

He's giving it a good shot, though, and the doggie is clearly enjoying his massage (how cute is the roll over at the end?), so he must be on the right track!

P.S. I have a fabulous giveaway going on over at my Catster blog right now -- we've giving away a super-deluxe, huge PetFusion Cat Scratcher Lounge! Pimp and Moo got to test one out, and they give it all paws up! Head on over to enter to win!

Nov 20, 2011

Lovely Owl - The Cuddliest, Cutest Owl Video Ever

I knew owls were cute... but I never knew they were THIS cute.

The main, cuddly lovely owl in this video is named Spring. He loves to be petted! I think I melted just watching him and how happy he is.

Spring and the other owls here are all from the I Falconieri delle Orobie in Italy. (I'm honestly not sure what that is, but they have a Facebook page and a website if you want to see more pictures and things!)

Thanks to Cute's friend, Carol, for sharing this cute lovely owl video!
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