Jul 18, 2009

Doggie Back Scratcher

This is an interesting trick to teach your dog... to be a back scratcher!

Nash is a good back-scratcher. His brother, Rocko, will never have an itch he can't get to again!

What makes it even cuter is that they got the other dog to play along to! Maybe he really is itchy...

Jul 17, 2009

Kitten Flips Out for His Toy!

Lots of cats dance, jump and hop around when it comes to chasing toys, but when you get just the fight fluffball on just the right string with just the right kitty...

Allow Yoshi the cat to demonstrate.

Archie the Dachshund Goes for a Swim

Any loyal Cutehead knows how much I want a dachshund -- and I hope he does cute stuff just like this!

When it comes to "doing laps" swimming, Archie here has kind of a different idea of how to do it...

More crazy doxies, please.

*Thanks to Cute's Twitter pals, @LouPeb and @WhatsUpDox for tweeting this cute video!

Jul 16, 2009

Zombie Kid Likes Turtles

Don't you just love kids sometimes? They have their agenda... and that's it.

I mean, who doesn't like turtles?

More cute kids, please. (Go to this link! You'll be glad you did. Promise.)

*Thanks to Cute's friend, Tony, for showing us this funny zombie kid video.

Jul 15, 2009

Bunny Walks Like a Person!

Sure, crawling around on four legs is fine and all, but why use four when just two will do?

Simon the bunny has a very unique talent... he walks just like a person -- and even skips a little, if I'm noticing correctly. That's cool, Simon, we all get run for food sometimes. :)

More funneh bunnehs, please.

*Thanks to Cute's friend, Vanessa, for sharing the cute bunny video!

Jul 14, 2009

Mummy Cat Survives his Bath

As if the bath wasn't bad enough for the kitty, his owners wrap him in his soft, snuggly kitty towel and videotape the scene afterward? Cute loves it!

Just look at that little face. I can't tell if he looks more like a mummy or E.T...

More cute kitty baths, please.

7 Out of 7 Kittehs...

I regularly browse the cheezburgers and they're all usually really cute. But sometimes you run across one that is really really cute...

On your marks, get set... LOL!

More cute lolcats, please.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Jul 13, 2009

Buddy the Amazing Surfing Dog

Buddy the Jack Russell Terrier is one cool dude! He's a super-talented, super-awesome surfing dog who like to hang 20 with the best of them.

It all started one day when his owner was teaching his daughter to boogie board... Buddy thought it looked fun, hopped on the board -- and the rest is history! From then on, he's been Buddy the Surfing Dog!

Then, how about a skateboarding dog, please.

Lord Of Dogtown: Buddy The Amazing Surfing Dog

Little Loris and Her Favorite Breakfast

This is Sonya the slow loris. You might remember her from Tickle Loris video on the Cute a while back. We just can't get enough of her!

Here she is eating her favorite breakfast (the breakfast itself is not cute, but Sonya sure is). Just get past the intro and you're in for a cute treat -- especially when she starts cleaning up afterward!

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