Nov 2, 2013

Transport Day! 7 Cats Get a 2nd Chance at a Great Life #7luckycats

It's my favorite kind of weekend around here... Transport Weekend! And this weekend's is super special because it is a car load of adult cats (and just one kitten) all rescued from all over the place and going to wonderful forever homes!

Let's meet all the kitties on board and hear their stories, shall we? Yes, we shall!

1. Tina

Tina at her foster home waiting for her ride.
Tina was rescued from Broward Animal Care and Control. Her story is pure fate, I think! Follow along... Cutehead Tina B. and her daughter Danielle live in Rhode Island. Tina told me that she was looking for a lap kitty and asked if I could keep an eye out, and I knew they are partial to gingers. So when I noticed this cat named TINA at the shelter... I tagged Tina (the person) and said "Look, a Tina!" One thing led to another and we busted her out of there to go live with Tina! So it was going to be Tina and Lil' T. And it turns out Tina (the cat) is a huge snuggler and attention hog so there is a serious lap cat on the way up to Rhode Island right now!

2. Oliver

Doesn't Oliver have the softest looking face?
Oliver was found on the side of the street by an elderly couple in Miami, Florida. Turns out they were very allergic to him, so they were keeping him in a utility room trying to find him a home. When they took him to their vet, the vet fell in love and called our fellow rescue friend, Cutehead Maribel M. to see if she could help find him a home. Oliver is a lover! Maribel posted a picture of Oliver... and Tina took one look at his eyes and decided he should come live with them too. So now Oliver and Tina (the cat) are going to be siblings in Rhode Island!

3. Kip

Kip's shelter photo. How could you not want to get her out?
Kippy was at Miami Dade Animal Services, begging and begging to get out. Her shelter photo caught the eye of many, but Cutehead Donna P.'s especially. Donna lives in Massachusetts, however, so she reached out to Maribel, who lives in Miami, to see if she could help get Kippy to her. Of course! So Kippy got busted out of that icky kill shelter and now is on her to her very excited new mommy, Donna, in Boston!

Kippy at her foster mommy's house!
4. Apohas

Apohas at the shelter. What a looker!
Apohas was at Hillsborough Animal Services in Tampa, Florida. This shelter is notorious lately for most cats not making it out, but Apohas is a lucky one! Cutehead Jane J. in Boston saw his sweet face and fell in love. When we reached out to our rescue friend in Tampa, Jill of TAPS Trust Again Pet Shelter, to see if she could pull Apohas for us, she told us she was already going to get him out and bring him to her rescue. When she found out we had an adopter for him, everything fell into place and now he's on board the Cutehead Caravan and will be in Boston tomorrow night!

5. Eddie

Eddie dreaming of his forever home.
Eddie is a chunky, 20 pound victim of a divorce. Neither one of the two wanted to keep their loving cat that they'd had for 10 years, and they said they were going to take him to a kill shelter or, even worse, put him out on the streets. No one could let that happen, especially Cutehead Patty P. from New Hampshire. She decided Eddie could come live with her, and so now he's on the road to live the rest of his life happily ever after with Patty!

6. Goldie

Goldie can't wait to get to New Hampshire!
Goldie was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Georgia on her very last day before she was scheduled to be put down. Cutehead Kd P. saw her on Facebook and spread the word and Patty P. fell in love with her second kitty. This one was a little more complicated because Goldie needed to come down from Georgia to South Florida so she could be in temporary foster until her transport. But Kd is the BEST and she drove all the way up to Valdosta to get her and bring her back down here. And now, several weeks later, Goldie's on the road again with us for the last time... this time to New Hampshire!

7. Bernadette

Bernadette on her way to better before her transport this weekend!
Bernadette is a diabetic kitty rescued up in New York by a fellow friend, Ruth P. Bernadette's levels were all out of whack and she needed to be stabilized and get to a good place, and Ruth took amazing care of her, even getting her to a specialist to get her the best care. Once she was in the clear and healthy enough to find a home, Cutehead Margaret B. (who volunteers with HART of Maine cat rescue) made the connection and worked out a great plan for Bernadette! HART has a couple diabetic kitties, and they could take Bernadette in and care for her and help her find a home! So she's jumping on board the train tomorrow from New York, and riding the rest of the way up to Maine with us!

Follow along on the Cute Transport Network and Your Daily Cute's Facebook page and @YourDailyCute on Twitter using the hashtag #7luckycats!

Help Future Transports!
Want to help transport rescue kitties in the future? Sign up to be one of our volunteer drivers by filling out this form so we can contact you if a cat needs to go through your area! The more drivers we have, the more cats we can help! Thank you all!

Tremendous Thank You!
Huge thanks to all our Cutehead drivers! YOU all make this possible. Maribel M., Kd P., Vicki O., Paula C., Shirley G., Melanie M., Desiree B., Amanda D., Keely F., Toni P., Stephanie T., Cheryl D., Barbara D. and Hannah D.! And super huge thanks to Cutehead Desiree B. for hosting the sleepover Saturday night!

Enormous thanks to our fosters: Kyle S., Kd P. and Dawn S.!

Thanks to our partners in rescue, Good Karma Pet Rescue, TAPS and Jill, and Maribel M., for making sure all the kitties are ready to go and vetted.

And the biggest thanks of all to the new moms and rescues: Donna P. for adopting Kip, Patty P. for adopting Goldie and Eddie, Jane J. for adopting Apohas, Tina and Danielle for adopting Tina and Oliver and HART of Maine for helping Bernadette!

This makes 192 cats we've helped transport and save this year!

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Nov 1, 2013

Cat and Dog Plot a Brilliant Escape From the Kitchen!

After coming home a few times to the kitchen door mysteriously being open and the cat and dog out, a camera was set up to catch whoever was doing it (and to see exactly what was happening!).

Turns out it was an escape plan by both the dog and the cat! Although if you ask me, the cat is clearly the brains behind this operation.

Skip to 1:40 if you want to see what they do to get out, but the actual hatching of the plan is pretty cute to watch too!

P.S. I'm assuming it's the rest of the house on the other side of that door, not the outside.

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Oct 31, 2013

Pimp and Moo's Halloween Costumes - Eeyore and Pooh!

Happy Halloween, Cuteheads! You know we couldn't possibly let this go by without the boys dressing up!

This year we take a little trip to the Hundred Acre Wood... and Pimp and Moo become Eeyore and Winnie the Pooh!

(We'd like to thank our fabulous friends at Petsmart for sending us these costumes. They let us pick whatever we wanted, and this was the clear winner! Next choice would have been Bert and Ernie, in case you were wondering.)

On to the photo shoot!

Aerial view! Are these not ridiculous?!
Who you calling ridiculous?
Moo...really? Don't you know what you're wearing?
Nobody ever understands what we have to put up with. 
I don't understand why I can't see anymore!
I love these costumes! I think they might be my all-time favorites, and we've dressed up as a bunch of stuff!

Thanks again to Petsmart for sending us them for free and making our Halloween the cutest ever!

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween! Keep your kitties indoors and give them treats!

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Oct 30, 2013

Two Adorable Hugging Kittens

Nothing like a nice nap when you're cuddled up to your best nap buddy... especially if you're a tiny cute kitten and your nap buddy is another tiny cute kitten!

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Oct 29, 2013

THREE Cats Tuesday: Wait... What is This About a Third Cat?!

Happy Three Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Three cats, you ask? It's not just Pimp and Moo? Nope... there's a third cat in the house, folks.

And her name is Sweet Pea.

Before you get all excited, she's not a permanent resident (I'm fighting that single-with-three-cats tipping point with all it's worth, OK?), but she is getting really comfortable really fast.

But first, let's start out with the two heads of the household, Big Pimpin' and Maniac Moo! They did something different this week -- synchronized cat napping!

We are mirror images of each other... except stripes and spots.
And now on to miss Sweet Pea. As you may recall, I flew to Pittsburgh with her last week to see about a forever home for her. Unfortunately, it wasn't a perfect match and Pea is back at my house. Which is not a horrible thing, of course -- she's an absolute angel. But it does mean we'll be on the hunt for a new home for her again soon.

Sweet Pea lounging on the couch as if she's always had a couch to lounge on.
Sweet Pea is blowing me away with how immediately comfortable she is in the house. After being in a parking lot for 13 years, this is incredible! She gets on the couch, curls up and just purrs and purrs. She likes to give headbutts, have her belly rubbed and make biscuits on you. It's amazing!

She trusts me, so this was easy. She will need someone with patience and time so that she can learn to trust them too and come out of her shell. She will hide at first (so she needs a home with a place she can be with no hidey spots at first), but will purr when you reach in and pet her. She would also like a quiet place, with preferably no other cats or maybe another older, calm cat. I have no doubt she'll be an awesome cat for the right person -- preferably local to the South Florida area so we can check in on her.

Belly up!
Isn't she just gorgeous? Sweet Pea is the sweetest!

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Oct 28, 2013

Amazing Circus Kitty Walks on a Ball!

Of course this kitty is not in a real circus, but he sure is a goofball! He likes to balance on a ball... and walk on it while it's rolling! All the while holding another ball in his mouth!

This may be the best cat trick I've ever seen. And then he goes and does it again!

(Plus the music just makes the video, doesn't it?)

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Oct 27, 2013

Cute Kitten's Nose is His Snooze Button

Boop! Back to sleep.

Rub this kitty's nose and he automatically falls asleep. Cutest snooze button ever!

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