Nov 1, 2013

Cat and Dog Plot a Brilliant Escape From the Kitchen!

After coming home a few times to the kitchen door mysteriously being open and the cat and dog out, a camera was set up to catch whoever was doing it (and to see exactly what was happening!).

Turns out it was an escape plan by both the dog and the cat! Although if you ask me, the cat is clearly the brains behind this operation.

Skip to 1:40 if you want to see what they do to get out, but the actual hatching of the plan is pretty cute to watch too!

P.S. I'm assuming it's the rest of the house on the other side of that door, not the outside.

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  1. dog had nothing to do with that plot! LOL!

  2. i like how the dog comes back at the end, LOL!

  3. The cat worked hard to get them out!!!! So cute
    the way the dog came back to check things out!!! Loved it!!

  4. Yup, the cat is the brains of the organization here. Is anyone surprized? My cat Charlie flushes the toilet just for fun and no one taught him that. (Sometimes he even flushes it while we're on it! Good thing we live near Lake Michigan!) A cat's powers of observation are acute.

  5. You can bet that cat tree got moved that very night!

  6. yup. i have the same problem once in a while. the tehn and eeek! show.

  7. What would woofies do without us kitties! And done with no thumbs too. MOL!

  8. If it weren't for the cat, the dog would still be in there. Kittie looks like my Foster, who knows how to open the bedroom window.


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