May 30, 2009

Cute Baby Tiger and his Pooh Bear

Wouldn't it be cute if baby tigers stayed babies and never grew up? They're just like regular cats, only a little bigger, a little fiercer and they probably purr louder...

Take this little baby tiger guy, for example. Wouldn't he just make the cutest pet? I mean, seriously... he even has a Pooh Bear he cuddles with!

Nothing against big tigers, of course, but baby ones are just the sweetest things.

I Haz a Flavor...

A cute little kitty. A cute little tongue. A cute little lolcat...

Another cute lolcat, please!

funny pictures of cats with captions

May 29, 2009

Crossing Guard Helps Cat Cross

Cat Crossing!

A friend of mine found this aww-inspiring photo in a forum somewhere and passed it along -- and I had to put it up on the Cute!

If I was a crossing guard, I'd help cats and animals cross the street all day. Lord knows it was just two days ago that I was late to work because there was a turtle crossing and I had to shoo him to safety out of the road. And I can't count the times I've stopped to let duckies pass...

I wish I had more info on this picture though. If anyone does, please let me know!

*Thanks to Melinda for finding the cute cat crossing picture!

Cute Kitty vs. Whole Watermelon

So much for picking on something your own size... This kitty shows this whole watermelon whose boss!

At the end of the fight, the watermelon had scratches, bites and bruises. Flanigan the kitten, however, was unscathed.

How about kittens vs. toilet paper next, please.

Cat Loves His Sour Apple Lollipop

If this were my cat, he'd be making all kinds of faces eating this sour apple lollipop. I'm thinking he'd probably make his "toothpaste face" -- which is similar to the "gum face."

This kitty here, though, doesn't seem to mind the sour flavor, which is fine by me. I prefer the watermelon flavor anyway. ;)

More cute eating cat, please.

May 28, 2009

French Bulldog and Cute Baby French Kiss

Awww... I bet this baby is used to the dog licking her, so she just assumed that's just what you do -- you stick your little tongue out and lick your friends.

Kids do the cutest things sometimes. So innocent, and so funny.

Then, how about a little doggie and kitty love, please.

How Kitties Do Laundry

Fluffy kitties like fluffy laundry.

One must watch it carefully and be sure to knead the glass until it's done...

May 27, 2009

Cute Little Old Couple Playing Piano

When I picture myself older, this is what I see. Well, not exactly this, but I want to be a cute little old couple that so clearly still love each other and like to have fun.

Fran and Marlo Cowen (Marlo turned 90 this year!) break out into an impromtu piano performance at the Mayo Clinic. They've been married 62 years... and I could watch their cute little video over and over 62 times!

Japanese Pizza Commercial

Is it me or is everything in Japan just the cutest thing you ever did see? I mean, this is a PIZZA commercial...

Here in the great U. S., our pizza commercials consist of guys who've eaten too much pizza talking about sausage and meat -- no where near as cute as this commercial (the topping dance just kills me).

Another cute commercial, please!

*Thanks to our friend, Strawberry Anarchy, for the great Japanese pizza commercial find!

It's Not Fighting If We're Having Fun, Right?

You know you're in for it when you see the ears twitching, the tail thwapping and the paw start to raise, slowly, patiently... then... POUNCE! Gotcha again!

But don't let down your guard because -- OH! You got me!

I could watch kitties play-pounce and paw each other all day.

More fur-flying fun, please.

May 26, 2009

Doggie Swimming Lessons

You think puppies are born knowing how to doggie paddle? Apparently, it ain't that easy folks. It's a rough, cute road to learning how to swim...

(I love the doggie with the inner tube!)

More soggy doggies, please.

*Thanks to Cute's friend Cyndi for passing these swimming dogs on!

Pygmy Jerboa: One of the Cutest Weird Animals Ever!

If you've never heard of a pygmy jerboa before (Cute hadn't until now), then you've been missing out on some major cuteness.

He's a strange little fellow that is part of the rodent family, a cousin of hopping mice -- but with feet like remind me of a bird. I did a little research, and they typically live in the deserts of Asia and North Africa.

Bummer, I was hoping to run into one around here!

More cute pygmy animals, please.

May 25, 2009

Dancing French Bulldog -- He's Good!

This is one dynamic dancing French bulldog! Kind of makes me wonder why no one's thought of a "pet" version of Dancing With the Stars... (give me some of the profits if you make it happen, please!).

Anyway, it would hardly be a competition if this two-stepping puppy was in the running.

How about a dancing cockatoo next, please.

9 Kitties vs. Toilet Paper Roll

Hey kitties, can you spare a square?

I bet you can guess how this one ends... But kittens get a pass when it comes to things that would normally irk a person -- because they're kittens and they're so darn cute doing it.

How about a hedgehog vs. toilet paper roll, please?

May 24, 2009

Doberman Plays Hide and Seek

In case you didn't know, dobermans are apparently very, very sneaky. There are also expert seekers.

Ramsey the dobie knows where you're hiding -- he's smart. And he's also smart enough to tippy-paw around the corner so you don't hear him coming...

Don't miss the extreme close-up at the end. (You know I love those.) It's a good one!

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