Nov 18, 2008

Real-Life Furbys!

They came out of a hiding on a mountain in a cloud forest in Indonesia... It's been 85 years since anyone has seen one alive... until now.

Apparently, Furbys are for real.

Scientists and environmentalists and all those types are call them "pygmy tarsiers," but let's be real here: These primates look just like Furbys.

Anyway, welcome back, cute little buddies. We're glad you decided to come out of hiding and say hello after so long. If I'd known you were gone, I would definitely have missed you!


  1. Omigosh, please don't disappear again!!!

  2. It actually kind of makes me want a Furby...

  3. Aren't they the CUTEST?!? Craig actually pointed out the article to me yesterday. Want.

  4. I would like one, too, but it looks like a little Pimp snack.


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