Feb 7, 2009

The Latest Kitty Cam!

Here's the story on this one: The mom, Daphne, got out for two days and got pregnant. She has three babies -- Tweet (the all-white one), Shanghai (the orange and white one) and Seven (the calico).

Shanghai and Seven came out an hour apart, but little Tweet wasn't so anxious to meet the real world. He had to come out by C-section two days later. Awww...

They're 3 1/2 weeks old now.

Live video by Ustream

Baby Anteater!

It's baby zoo animal day at Your Daily Cute! Yay!

Benita the baby anteater was born in December, but since her mom was unable to feed her (apparently Mommy Anteaters are not that nice to their babies), some fabulous people at the Berlin Zoo are bottle-feeding her to make sure she gets big and strong so she can grow up to eat lots of ants.

That's a pretty snazzy snout, isn't it?

*Benita's picture snagged from the LA Times. :)

Baby Panda Sleeping

Originally uploaded by anita*asleep*
Q: What's cuter than a baby panda?
A: A baby sleeping panda!

I want to hold his little paw, kiss his little mouth and tickle his little belly! And then eat him up.

Big pandas are cute, but if they stayed this size forever...

He has the same colors as Moo, you think they'd get along?

More panda, please.

Feb 6, 2009

Cat vs. Cake

Did somebody say cake?! Let me at it, let me at it! Must... have... CAKE... Cakecakecakecakecake! Maybe just a few more digs...

Listen, cat: I know how you feel. I have five fingers and the brains to know I can't just dig in without uncovering the cake, but still... I have had some pretty urgent cake cravings before and sometimes those stupid plastic containers are pretty tough for even me to open.

If you were my kitty, I'd have given you a slice already.

Feb 5, 2009

Baby Meets Boxer

This cute little baby crawls up and meets his furry Boxer brother for the first time...

Feb 4, 2009

Little Boy After Dentist Visit

Is this real life?!

Poor kid... he's all drugged up after having an extra tooth taken out.

You have 4 eyes.

Kids: Don't try this at home. Adults: Yes, you're like this when you're smashed. Hugs, not drugs.

*Thanks to Lenisse for passing this one on!

Feb 2, 2009

The Original "Cuppycake" Video

I had no idea it was a cute little girl who sang this! Honestly, I thought it was some Strawberry Shortcake song...

But here she is, in the original video her parents taped in 1994, singing the Cuppycake Song. Cutie! She's 3 years, 10 months here -- and she's 18 now!

I dare you to try and watch this without smiling... :)

Feb 1, 2009

Cop Stops Rush Hour to Help Duckies Cross!

To serve and protect (animals, too!)...

This officer stops rush hour on a busy interstate to help a mother duck and her baby ducklings safely cross the road. It's not the best quality video, but that didn't stop me from clapping all by myself in my living room at the end when the duckies made it safely across.

More ducky cuteness here!

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