Mar 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day From Pimp and Moo!

Pimp and Moo love to dress up for holidays! Well, maybe I love to dress them up and they love the get the treats they get after the photo session...

Anywhos, today my two little leprechauns are all dressed up in their St. Patrick's day bandanas we got from Nip and Bones!

Aren't we fancy?! We have shamrocks. Mom says it's because we are lucky kitties because we have a happy home.

We usually don't get along, but we do agree on one thing: Never cooperate for group shots!

Oh hai! I decided to wear mine on my head. Like a rapper. Do I look like a rapper? MOO-licious!

Maybe not a rapper. This angle makes me look super chic!

OK, just wait. Before you scroll down any more... Just take a minute and brace yourself. For real. Pimp has taken some seriously adorable/ridiculous/heart-breaking/God-love-him-for-being-such-a-good-and-patient-suPURRmodel pictures before, but this one is going to crack you up.


You sure?

OK... So Pimp wanted to put his on his head like Moo did. Have you ever seen a cuter little leprechaun?

LinkMom! I demand extra treats for this one.

(And he got them, of course. And by "treats," I mean pieces of his special y/d food that I put in his treat jar so I could still pretend like he can get treats. Because he loves treats, bless his heart.)

Happy St. Paddy's Day, everyone! Stay safe and have fun!

Mar 16, 2012

This Must Be the Cleanest Kitten Ever!

It's very important to keep your babies clean, as this momma cat knows. She is meticulous (and maybe a little over-zealous) in cleaning her kittens, especially the one in the headlock. That has to be one squeaky clean kitty!

You could probably get the gist from watching just the first minute, but if you're interested in what happens in the rest of the video, here's a cheat sheet:

0-1:30 -- Momma is furiously bathing her baby.
Around 2:20 - Baby starts reaching out for halp! Looks especially cute upside down.
Exactly at 2:55 -- The saddest, sweetest baby eyes ever. Actually, at least fast-forward to this. So cute!
3:10-end -- Neither baby nor momma really care about the toy.

P.S. Don't forget tomorrow is the last day to enter to win a case of the new Fancy Feast flavor food! Stinky goodness!

Mar 15, 2012

New Simon's Cat: If It's On a Shelf, It's Getting Knocked Off!

I always look forward to new Simon's Cat videos. This one rings particularly true to me -- cats will knock anything off a table or shelf. Anything. Just ask Moo... and all the stuff that is constantly on our floor.

I'm not even sure why we have tables and things like that. We should just put everything on the ground and save the kitties all the hard work and effort of having to put it there themselves.

See more Simon's Cat videos! (Just scroll down to see them all.)

Mar 14, 2012

GIVEAWAY: New Fancy Feast Flavor - Win a Whole Case!

Everycat's favorite stinky goodness, Fancy Feast, is coming out with an extra fancy new flavor -- Yellowfin Tuna & Shrimp Recipe With Wild Rice in Gravy. It won't be in stores until June 30, but Cute readers have a chance to win a whole case right now!

Last August, Fancy Feast had a Tastemakers Contest where fans could submit their own recipes to be judged. Inspired by her two cats, Ginger and Wasabi, Joan Spector entered her recipe for "Purrrfect Sushi" (they go crazy for tuna and shrimp) and won!

They then took her recipe idea and created this brand new flavor (which you can win!). Her kitties must be so excited to have a Fancy Feast flavor inspired by their favorite foods!

Yesterday, Fancy Feast gave away a bunch of free samples in a one-day-only giveaway on their Facebook page. Needless to say, they ran out pretty fast! But the good news is... You have a second chance to win some today from the Cute!


To enter to win, please leave a comment below. You can say whatever you want in the comment, but I'll laugh if I get a bunch of comments that just say "Stinky Goodness." I'm just saying. :) Every comment counts, one comment per person (don't be greedy!).

All entries must be received by Saturday, March 17 at midnight EST. I'll pick a winner randomly using and will let you know by email. One winner will receive 24 cans of this new Fancy Feast flavor!

P.S. We're getting six cans to try ourselves... and I'm going to let the six parking lot kitties each feast on one. I'll let you know what they think, but I'm sure they'll love them! :)

Good luck, Cuteheads!

Mar 13, 2012

Two Cats Tuesday: Moo's Heart-Shaped Spot!

Happy Two Cats Tuesday, Cuteheads! Today Moo wants to show you something we accidentally discovered about him... One of his cow spots is heart-shaped!

Well, technically it's two spots, but they fit together to make the most perfect heart.

We were doing a little photo session (with my friend Stephanie from Sonju Photography!) and I kind of held Moo up so he was standing tall. And she said, "He has a heart on his crotch!" Or maybe I said that, and she said something a little less alarming, like stomach or legs or something.

Anywhos, she showed me the picture she had just taken...

I have a heart on my legs! Those are my LEGS, mom.

Isn't that the cutest thing?! I guess I've never held up him like that facing me, so I had no idea until she pointed it out. Or maybe his legs just weren't together like that if I did. Either way, Moo has a heart-shaped spot!

Oh, come on, mom. It's not that funny. I heart my heart spot!

Isn't my Moo the cutest thing? He is such a lover boy -- it's only logical that he'd have a heart spot!

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Mar 12, 2012

Ridiculously Cute Kittens Wake Up From a Nap

If only we all looked this adorable when we first woke up in the morning!

After a nice long catnap, four impossibly cute fuzzballs wake up and are not shy about letting us know exactly what they're thinking. The one on the end is particularly full of complaints!

Momma, hurry up and come feed your babies! A kitten can really work up an appetite dreaming of catnip and toy mousies!

P.S. Happy Monday, everyone! Make sure you come on back for Two Cats Tuesday tomorrow --- Moo has something really cute about him that we just found out about recently... and he wants to share!

Mar 11, 2012

Baby Tries Everything to Be Friends With Kitty

Kids and cats are always a bit of a sensitive issue, but this little girl is really trying so hard to be friends with her family cat!

At first she has some learning to do about how to treat kitties, but she gets the hang of it real fast, and ends up trying her hardest to win the cat over. She brings her presents, tries to give her kisses, pets her and hugs her...

I just thought this whole video was so sweet!

Thanks to Cute's friend, Rebecca, for sharing this adorable video with us!
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